Back in Time Series | ‪Ingo Swann The Man Who Started Remote Viewin‬g

Ingo Swann, gifted parapsychology researcher, author, and artist, is the originator of the Coordinate (now called Controlled) Remote Viewing protocols (CRV). Ingo swann worked with Hal Puthoff and Russel Targ at SRI for a number of years, firstly in experimental projects trying to define psi then in later years under subscontract through SRI to the U.S. Military for the training methods of CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing).
Many of the research papers and documents that involved Ingo can be downloaded and viewed here.

He has an MA in Humanities with a concentration in parapsychology, and an honorary Doctorate degree (in parapsychology). He worked at the United nations for 12 years. He is now retired and living in Manhattan where he continues his personal research into the vast possible potentials of the human mind.
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