Dr. Lenoard Coldwell | Combating Cancer, September 12, 2011

Source: coasttocoastam.com, drleonardcoldwell.com

Dr. Leonard Coldwell talked about the dangers of chemotherapy as well as the benefits of alternative cancer treatment. Calling chemotherapy "assault with a deadly weapon," Coldwell contended that "nobody dies of cancer anymore, they die from the side effects of the so-called 'treatment.'" To that end, he cited a UK study which showed that 27% of patients undergoing chemotherapy die within the first 30 days. In espousing the benefits of alternative cancer treatments, he claimed that flax seed oil has been proven to fight breast cancer better than chemotherapy. Additionally, Coldwell advised that cancer cannot survive in an "alkaline, oxygen-rich environment." Therefore, he suggested people consume a gallon of water with sea or pink salt every day and switch to a raw food diet.
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