Newsbud Report with Peter B. Collins | US is Most Aggressive Cyberwarrior | Aug. 10, 2016


As Russia is being blamed for the recent email leak from Democratic National Committee servers, NSA and intelligence expert James Bamford notes that the US is, by far, the most aggressive nation in the cyberwarfare space.

He notes that the US has hacked candidates and recent elections in Mexico, and routinely interfered in the Soviet Union. We also note that Julian Assange says the DNC emails resulted from a “leak” and not a “hack”, which opens a different universe of suspects. Bamford describes the Cyber Command’s massive new $3 billion campus at Fort Meade, MD, and underscores that Stuxnet is the best known American cyber-attack.

*James Bamford has written 3 books about the National Security Agency, most recently The Shadow Factory. You can read his recent Reuters commentary here.
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