Nick Redfern | The Elites Human Slavery Experiment, Artificial Intelligence and the Endgame Alien Threat Nightmare | July 10, 2018

Source: Alien Outpost TV,

I had the honor and priviledge to be able to sit down with Nick Redfern and interview him in person for the second time! This was a 2 part discussion starting off with big brother, propaganda, artificial intelligence and mind control. We end with part 2 connecting the dots of the first part with the UFOs, and the Artificial Alien Threat. -Alien Outpost TV

Elite Bloodlines
New World Order
Orchestrated Events
Big Brother the Orwellian Society
Surveillance through Social Media
Propaganda through Television and Mainstream Media
Mind Control and Dumbing Down the Masses
GMOs in Food and Pharmaceutical Drugs as a Weapon for the Elite
Black Budget Operations and Programs
Artificial Intelligence
Virtual Reality
Technology is great but can easily be abused
Post 9/11 World
DARPA and Microchip Implants
Low Frequency Weapon
Georgia Guide Stones
Depopulation Agendas

Ronald Reagans Alien Threat Speech
Project Bluebeam and the Fake Alien Threat
Advanced Holographic Technologies
Bob Lazar, Area 51, and Alien Technologies
Black Triangle UFO’s
Fabricated Events
The Orchestration of the Second Coming of Christ
Are Governments of the World worki
ng alongside ET’s
Project Serpo and Eisenhower
Dulce Underground Wars
Phil Schneider
Are ET’s traveling here? Are they already here possibly underground or hollow earth?
Underground Top Secret Facilities
Underground Submersive Objects
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