Cory Daniel | Magic of Thought Resonance | Freeman TV | May 25, 2019


Are you helping the technocratic totalitarianism? Wikipedia has successfully positioned itself as the world’s collective subconscious mind. As the default digital encyclopedia, Wikipedia provides updated information on a minute by minute basis and scripts the narrative of our collective psyche.

A natural countermeasure to this would be to build, fund and deploy a new repository of default “facts” which would be available for free and appear to be unbiased so as to discredit from the outset any idea that the information contained therein was actually weaponized propaganda. Soft propaganda. An insidious form of propaganda which sits on the back burner, ever present, much the same way the subconscious mind does. It does not force its opinions and ideas however it is hardwired into the infrastructure itself and operating in the exact same manner. You see, the conscious mind pulls continually upon the subconscious in order to generate its baseline reality.

Cory Daniel is a 3rd generation Phoenician, writer/researcher and professional guide currently living in the Phoenix area. Roaming the Big Sandy Valley, Cory studied religion, physics, poetry, botany, philosophy, primitive survival, traditional archery, and the occult. Here he rode for a local ranch, working cattle the old way, and teamed up with an old prospector to explore the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Cory currently enjoys work as an Interpretive Guide in the Valley of the Sun and is devoted to decoding and reverse-engineering the esoteric symbolism embedded within the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

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