The Corbett Report | Why You Shouldn't Read The Independent Even If You Wanted To - #PropagandaWatch | Aug. 15, 2018


Just kidding. Of course you should read and gain information from a wide variety of sources, including those you disagree with. Just don't dare tell The Independent that, because they're here to pester you into only ever trusting the MSM and government sources. Join James for this week's edition of #PropagandaWatch where he breaks down the latest attempt to stamp out anti-establishment WrongThink.

Show Notes:
Why you shouldn’t read conspiracy theories about the novichok poisoning, even if you really want to
Novichok victim Charlie Rowley speaks out about shock death of girlfriend Dawn Sturgess
The Magic Of Novichok – Deadly Agent Found In Perfume Bottle
The Russia Poison Story is WMD 2.0
The Holes in the Official Skripal Story
Never Let Anyone Call You Crazy For Doubting Establishment War Narratives

William Cadwallader | The Electronic Sickening of America | July 30, 2018


New technology is being developed that will be 10 times faster than 5G and if it is consistent what we know of 5G hazards from authorites on this subject..will probably be many times as dangerous.

Bill goes through the upcoming 5G technology and the challenges that is coming with same

There are presently 150,00 cell phone towers (depending on what is considered a tower), in The United States

5G can potentially have a small tower on virtually every street corner in urban areas

On an RF Meter, the best setting is Micro Watts Meter Squared, and the Russian Scientist say a reading of 10 or below is safe

Exposure depletes the blood brain barrier that protects the brain from unwanted actors ingested into the body

There are parameters to consider and measure: RF from cell phone towers, smart meters, computers and wi-fi's, In the electrical wiring inside the walls and power lines: Electrical; magnetic and Dirty electricity (one component of internal wiring)

These plug in phones and other electrical devices that have a square block to plug in are dangerous to have.

Cordless telephones for land lines are extremely high in RF emissions

The best way to educate your children on the hazards of all this technology is with stories

The Electronic Sickening of America
There’s a hidden danger pulsating in the airways and buzzing behind the walls of millions of American homes, schools, and businesses. Our families, co-workers, and even pets, are exposed to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) almost continually, 24/7.

Few people want to address this topic because we don’t know what to do. And we are afraid we will have to give up our electronic necessities.
The great news is that you CAN take control of your exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation and learn how to use your electronic devices safely.

A disturbing correlation has been discovered between electro-pollution and a host of diseases and ailments.

These include cancer, diabetes, asthma, behavioral disorders, chronic fatigue, ADHD, insomnia, depression, headaches, muscle/joint pain, chronic inflammation, and many more.

Over 3,900 studies on the potential health effects of prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation have been published by a group of international scientists and public health experts in the Bioinitiative Report of 2012.

One of the most alarming reports comes from a cancer cluster at a middle school. Up to 24 teachers and staff members at the school were diagnosed with various forms of cancer. Thyroid cancer was 13 times expected, Melanoma was almost 10 times expected and Uterine cancer was over 9 times the expected amount. Up to 49 former students also came down with cancer in their twenties – who spent as little as 3 years in that school. Worst news of all six teachers and staff have died and six students have now died. So, Why Isn’t Anyone Sounding The Alarm?

We’d all like to blame big industry and the enormous profits associated with electronics for neglecting, minimizing and discrediting this issue. While that may be true, we as consumers are often not willing to forfeit the benefits we enjoy from our electronic devices. Well, the good news is… we don’t have to.

Brien Foerster | The Enigmatic Ancient Humanoid Skulls Of Paracas Peru | Aug. 14, 2018


Ole Dammegard | Deep State CIA Psyop: Strategy of Tension | Aug. 14, 2018


Show Description: Prague Peace Prize Winner, author & activist, Ole Dammegard, rejoins the program to discuss the strategy of tension and how the deep state and the CIA uses it as a massive psyop to herd people into a paradigm that supports their agenda.

He illustrates numerous examples in modern history where these methods have been are are currently being deployed. Educating yourself on the fundamentals of these strategies will better equip you to no be fooled into following a false narrative set up to undermine your freedom and security.

Ole Dammegard provides my Patreons 5 chapters of his book "Coup d'etat in Slow Motion". A deeply researched masterpiece that connects the dots between the assassinations of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, JFK, Robert Kennedy and John Lennon.

Valery Uvarov | The Power of the Ancient Pyramids That is Being Utilized Today


Valery Uvarov is an Author, Member of Geographical Association of Russia, President of UFO Association of Military Officers. In the last 15 years, there was organized effort in Russia to study Ancient Technologies around the Globe, especially in Egypt.

Multi disciplinary studies conducted by teams of top scientists from Russian academia, researchers, institutes, headed by Mr. Uvarov, led to absolutely amazing results. He published two books about Pyramids and the Wands of Horus.

The Corbett Report | Good News This Week! | Aug. 13, 2018


It's summer! Let's turn off the 24/7 doomporn newsfeed and tune in to some good news for a change. From game-changing legal decisions to the turn away from zombie tech, here's all the news that's actually fit to print.

Show Notes:
#GoodNewsNextWeek from MediaMonarchy
Monsanto ordered to pay $289m damages in Roundup cancer trial
Brazil judge suspends use of agrochemical glyphosate
AMI Smart Meter DEFEAT At New Mexico Public Regulation Commission
The cashless society myth: PayPal, Square, and bitcoin have not stopped cash from being a growth business
France Bans Smartphones From Schools
Flip phones are back: Less distracting and a lot cheaper than a smartphone
For many kids, summer means powering down for camp
Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Going To War With Iran, New Poll Finds

Max Igan | The Purging of Reason | Aug. 10, 2018


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - August 10th, 2018.

David Icke | The War On Children - While Parents Look The Other Way | Aug. 10, 2018


Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News | Aug. 11, 2018


Our world is changing to a degree and at a rate that few yet understand. Wheels have been set in motion that can no longer be stopped. How will the masses react to what is unfolding? How long do we have until major links in the chain of our current reality begin to break?

Many converging scenarios will not seem real to most until their own personal paradigm is shattered. All who are already aware of what is unfolding are needed in the critical effort to circulate credible data. We are not helpless, collectively we can yet make a difference, make your voice heard.

Nicolas Pineault | Wireless Technology, EMF & 5G Are Incredibly Bad For Your Health! | Aug. 11, 2018


Nicolas Pineault joins us from electrosmogrx to talk about the health dangers of 5G, wireless technology, smart phones and EMF radiation are very harmful to your biological system.

We did some shows on smart meters and even blue tooth technology and the radiation they produce causes a disruption at the mitochondrial level.

Nicolas Pineault is a health journalist who has published more than 1,500 online articles through a daily newsletter called Nick & Gen’s Healthy Life. In 2017, he authored The Non-Tinfoil Guide To EMFs — an unconventional book which combines common sense and humor to tackle the very serious topic of electromagnetic pollution and its effects on human health.

Elena Freeland | Weather Weapons, Space Fence & Their Connection To The Occult | Aug. 12, 2018

Source:, Books Elena Freehand

Author and Researcher, Elana Freeland is our special guest for 2 hours, detailing the full spectrum dominance of modern science in the forms of electromagnetism, chemtrailing and nanobots/particles within all our bodies. The overarching of the transhumanist and singularity agenda, along with quantum computing and CERN. Quite a show and one for the books!

Harald Kautz Vella | Are You A Bio Robot? | Freeman TV | Aug. 12, 2018


In the early days of chemtrails, barium was falling from the skies. All around us, life died from the top down. What force is bio-engineering the human race? How do we return to human in this robotic society? With A.I., gene splicing, smart dust, nanotechnology, cloning, and killer robots, can a heart-based consciousness release us from this Satanic Dystopia?

An imagined state or society in which there is great suffering or injustice, typically one that is totalitarian or post-apocalyptic vs. an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect, has been told from the time mankind could write.

Atlantis has been a part of our culture to the point of America being known as the New Atlantis by philosophers and Freemasons, alike. What will it take to not relive this ancient trauma?

Computer systems have a collective intelligence inside the A.I. Mind Cloud. Quantum computers, possibly derived from the alien black goo, function across dimensions. Scalar signatures use the synthetic RNA as a bio-weapon, leading to the creation of a synthetic bio race, with no empathy or ‘feelings’. Octo-form creatures may exist around us like a scene from "Final Fantasy" but, our loving nature is helping Earth to neutralize this alien black goo so it has a balanced positive nature. Can you find the heart to nurture before it is too late?

German researcher Harald Kautz-Vella is one of those rare beings who can weave together both the spiritual-metaphysical and the scientific. He started to look at the topics of AI, chemtrails, Morgellons, Smart Dust, and nano-technologies while looking at environmental protection analysis and, “came across a number of substances that shouldn’t have been in nature because they are 100% artificial, and they are high-tech, and there is no other reason to have them in the environment apart from intent — and not the best one, let’s put it this way.”

Referring to this list of semi-secretive technologies and to the substances he found in the environment, he says, “… if you root these substances back to what they are designed for, you come to Transhumanistic technologies, which is the attempt to get an interface between artificial intelligence and biological. If you ask the Transhumanists themselves, they would always say they would like to give humans better access to AI — and if you look into the technologies, it’s always to the opposite way round, it’s always giving the AI access to the human, in the sense of getting the human system controlled from the outside.”
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