New World Next Week | Trust in News Media Continues to Plummet | Aug. 6, 2020


Story #1: State Attorneys General Urge U.S. to Let Other Firms Make Gilead COVID-19 Drug
Red Flags Soar As Big Pharma Will Be Exempt From COVID-19 Vaccine Liability Claims
AstraZeneca To Be Exempt From Coronavirus Vaccine Liability Claims In Most Countries
Fort Detrick, Gilead & the 9/11 Anthrax Attacks: All Roads Lead to Dark Winter

Story #2: Patreon’s Ban of Comic Owen Benjamin Could Cost Them $20 Million
PDF: Patreon’s Injunction Against Owen Benjamin Backers Denied

Story’ #3: “Sobering” Report Shows Hardening Attitudes Against Media
Ariana Pekary: Why I’m Leaving MSNBC - “This Cancer Stokes National Division”
WHO Issues Sobering Warning, Saying There May Never Be a Coronavirus Vaccine That Works Properly
Nicholas Sandmann Settles $250M Lawsuit with Washington Post
Neo-Nazis, Others Hold Massive Berlin Protest Against Virus Restrictions

S0 News | Solar Resonance, Jupiter Storms, The Astrosphere | Aug. 6, 2020


Redice TV | Beirut Blast Aftermath, Oprah & George Floyd | Aug. 5, 2020


Henrik cover the aftermath of the blast in Beirut, Oprah is once again charging poor white people for White privilege. We also talk about the 12 year old girl that was shot in Sweden, Chicago-Area leaders call for abolishing history classes & someone decided to grow the mystery seeds that was sent from China, this is what they turned into.

Joe Biden will not travel to Milwaukee for the Democratic National Convention & Minneapolis City Government tells residents to be ready to give up their phones and wallets and to always cooperate with criminals. We end on the leaked George Floyd body cam footage and a propaganda ridden commercial out of the UK.

Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen | Culture, Control, Crisis and Collapse | Legalise Freedom Radio


Bestselling Norwegian novelist Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen discusses humanity's present plight and what we may salvage from the past to save us in the future.

A deep malaise infects contemporary culture. Ever-greater tremors shake industrial civilization to its core. Societal disintegration looms large. In response, governments pursue ever-more draconian methods of control. Our fundamental freedoms are undermined by gathering oppression, our minds clouded by propaganda and lies.

All of these are symptoms of a shattered psyche, a disconnection from the natural world and the vast web of life, and a disenchanted view of the cosmos. If we are to survive and thrive in future, we must remember what we have forgotten and, with humility, understand how much we still have to learn.

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Linda Moulton Howe | Interview w/Celestine Star on Reptilians, Cattle Mutilations, Loud Jet Noises & Q&A | Aug. 5, 2020


More strange jet sounds in Manizales, Columbia
- Similar to June 23, 2020 loud jet sound from Austria
- Also metallic sound, like trumpets in the middle of the night

Eerie animal mutilations in Oregon and England
- Black Angus “died in a position she couldn’t have gotten into by herself”
- “tongue was excised and her udder and vaginal tissue removed, all without blood”

Interview with Celestine Star, ex-wife of Ernest Robert Hunt, former Flight Chief of Edwards AFB
- “Home was tapped, because everything was being recorded”
- “reptilians…those reptilians”
- vast caverns under Edwards AFB
- “there was a reptilian being”…”sharp claw-like hands”
- “the eyes, yellow”.. “they had a slit in the eye”
- “it is about the control of the Earth”
- “I know that there are special that our Government is working with”

G. Edward Griffin | The COVID/U.N. Takeover, BLM/Antifa Revolution & the Way Forward | Aug. 6, 2020


G. Edward Griffin examines how COVID-19 is being used as a pretext to strip away freedoms and move us toward supranational government. He comments on the Marxist revolutionary movement of BLM and Antifa in America, something which he predicted in detail in a 1969 lecture titled "More Deadly Than War."

He assesses the grim and "Pessimistic Scenario" we are moving toward and considers we are truly in a "life and death" situation. Nevertheless, with great cheer he inspires and urges people to continue fighting tyranny.

Show Notes:
The UN: An International Coalition Government – G. Edward Griffin
More Deadly Than War – A Lecture by G. Edward Griffin
“Deception Was My Job” or “Soviet Subversion of the Free World Press

Caroline Cory & Tom Campbell | Consciousness is Fundamental | Aug. 5, 2020


"Superhuman" is a provocative award-winning documentary that provides tangible evidence for the powers of the human mind over matter.

Through ground-breaking scientific experiments and real-life demonstrations, viewers will find themselves connecting the dots about the relationship between mind and matter and discover whether they live in a simulated matrix or if they can have any control over their physical reality.

Physicist, consciousness researcher, author of the My Big TOE trilogy and international lecturer, describes the nature of our larger reality, provides a complete theory of consciousness, and explains our purpose and connection to that larger reality. Along the way, Campbell derives a more fundamental science that directly answers the most pressing problems and paradoxes of modern physics.

Caroline Cory’s film “Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible:

The Corbett Report | Don't Do Your Own Research!!! - #PropagandaWatch | Aug. 5, 2020


Do your own research! Read it for yourself! It’s in the show notes! How many times have I uttered these words? These exhortations represent the founding ethos of The Corbett Report. I want you to read the source documents for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

But guess what? The establishment doesn’t want you to think for yourself, and now that the Corona World Order is beginning the Great Reset, they are coming out and saying as much. Find out the details in this week’s edition of #PropagandaWatch.

Chris Cuomo CNN LIES And Says Reading Wikileaks Is Illegal
You Must Not ‘Do Your Own Research’ When It Comes To Science
Fluoride on The Corbett Report
Dr Fauci says you don’t need to wear a mask
Fauci gets upset with GOP lawmaker’s question about masks
WATCH: Rep. Jim Jordan asks Dr. Fauci if nationwide protests helped spread the coronavirus
Medical Martial Law 2020

S0 News | NASA Chem Spray, Odd Galaxies, Forecast: Sun/Earth | Aug. 5, 2020


Jacques Vallee | The Strange UFO Case of Juan Perez | Coast To Coast AM


COAST TO COAST AM - Jacques Vallee speculated that the alien beings may be able to present any appearance of themselves that they choose. In Stivelman's new documentary, the aliens are depicted as luminous beings.

The cutting of the animal aboard the ship possibly relates to the mysterious cases of animal mutilation, Vallee added, and Perez's horse, which he tied to the ship's ladder, died within a week of the encounter, though Perez did not seem to suffer any ill effects.

However, after the event, Perez began to have disturbing precognitive dreams that presaged deaths and accidents of those around him. "For him," Stivelman noted, "rather than a gift, it was more like a curse." Stivelman also met with indigenous South American shamans to learn their perspective on UFO encounters. One told him that these experiences were dualistic-- with both good and evil sides, so they should be approached with caution and that Perez's experience could be considered a kind of shamanic initiation.

Richard Dolan | The New York Times & UFO Disclosure | What's Really Going on? | Aug. 4, 2020


The UFO community has been rocked by more information coming out of the New York Times in the form of claims that briefings have been made at the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill about "retrievals from off world vehicles not made on this earth.” What is really going on? Richard comes on for an extended solo analysis.

S0 News | Electric Event, Rings and Spirals, Sunspots | Aug. 4, 2020


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