Industrialized / militarized civilization can only be rationally described as an ongoing train wreck of total insanity. The unfolding disaster is now accelerating exponentially.


Jim Marrs joins Freeman Fly on the premiere episode of Radio Freeman on American Freedom Radio November 9th 2010. Jim, you will be greatly missed.

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Turkey has just issued an arrest warrant for ‘former’ CIA top official Graham E Fuller for involvement in the failed July 2016 coup attempt against Erdogan and the Turkish government. F.


It's the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the news has been intense, from more California wildfires, to more j'accuse politics in the USSA, President Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to the cackling delight of those adhering to the heresy


Story #1: Trump To Recognize Jerusalem As Israeli Capital

Video: Trump Endorses Netanyahu for Prime Minister In 2013

Trump Wins Over AIPAC With ‘True Friend of Israel’ Speech

Fake News Causes an Air Strike On Iran and Financial M



Has the holy grail of physics finally been discovered? Tonight, we embark on a voyage into the depths of elemental consciousness and fundamental reality that will be personally enriching.


David Icke joins us live from the UK in this very special event...simulcast on YouTube in addition to our normal syndication and network.

Interview start: 37:30 min.