In this special Dark Journalist episode he welcomes back Bestselling author of Alien Agenda Jim Marrs for a fascinating rundown of his latest cutting edge research on UFOs, Remote Viewing, Stargates. Genetic Engineering and Alien DNA.


You may have heard of the wave of birth defects that is ravaging Latin America as the globe gears up for another pandemic panic.


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Episode 249 - Feburary 5th, 2016

Source: Search4TruthReality youtube

Bob Dean shares his UFO experiences and how they've affected his "truth of the reality". This interview was shot on January 25, 2012 in Arizona.



Join us for the single longest interview I've ever conducted as we go down the rabbit hole to discuss the UFO issue with Stephen Basset, Executive Director of Paradigm Research Group.


Creating your reality, and accessing the data bases are some of the topics discussed by Tom in this video.

This program was conducted by physicist and consciousness researcher Tom Campbell, author of My Big TOE.

Tom is the physicist T.C.


Henry Kissinger was in Russia visiting President Putin, a week after a very interesting press conference from Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.