Thursday, May 31, 2018

Linda Moulton Howe | Mysterious Outpost Interview | May 30 , 2018


Linda Moulton Howe being interviewed by Mysterious Outpost at the 2018 Ozark UFO conference discussing the existential threat of artificial intelligence.

“This year of 2018 what has almost emerged suddenly is the importance of being able to communicate about the existential threat of artificial intelligence. Two years ago I did not have the awareness that I do now and it started in August of 2017 in the prior year I had been communicating with a Marine who had retired from the Marines but was working Special Forces and he had been communicating to me about a number of ET related revelations.

Secrets that he and a team of Special Forces were involved with and so he had kept in touch with me usually through short texts or every once in a while he would call and say you're tapped, I'm tapped, I'm only going to speak for and it would be like 30 seconds or a minute and then hang up. But I understood why and that was what we were doing.

Well it was in August of 2017 the phone rang I picked it up I knew his voice can't stay on the line long but I want you to know that this week which would have been the mid I think second week of August 20nd in Japan, 29 humans were killed in a laboratory that was producing militarized robots by the Japanese for warfare.

And then he went on to explain what he had learned because they're in these units that something like that that would happen they would receive information and he said that the story was the four militarized robots were being made to be autonomous warriors.

And that they don't know why but the floor rebelled or acted autonomously and as they acted autonomously they killed 29 humans in this lab and the whoever was left on the human side began pulling this is the way he said they began pulling the robot apart they got two of them completely disassembled we're working on the third and then the analysis later was what happened with the fourth the fourth was communicating with a satellite that they were teaching these militarized robots how to communicate with the satellites to get information on missions and that the fourth robot was now extending up to the satellite and was searching for information about how to make itself stronger to take on apparently the remaining humans.”