Nancy Talbott | Scientific Anomalies Behind Crop Circles & The Work of John Burke


September 2, 2010
Nany Talbott from the BLT Research team is with us today. B L T stands for Burke, Levengood and Talbot. The team have been doing scientific research related to the crop circles phenomena for a long time. They have been focusing on analyzing soil samples, crop nodes in and outside of circles. They have also looked other plant abnormalities when it comes to growth of crops inside circles. Nancy has also in the last few years been interested in the case of Robbert van der Broeke, a Dutch gentlemen who have in various ways have been connected with the crop circle phenomena, he has been able to predict where circles are going to appear. We talk more with Nancy about this in our second hour. We begin the first hour to talk about man made circles, genuine circles, John Burke’s work and research into crops, seeds and the relationship to megaliths and natural earth energies. We talk about his work on crop fertility and his “Stressguard machine” technology. Topics Discussed: Man Made Circles, Energy, Germination Studies, Levengood, Microwaves, Visible Signs, Expulsion Cavities, Steam, Moisture in the Plant Stem, Node Bending, Angular Momentum, Stretching, Electrical Pulses, Ion Avalanches, John Burke, “Stressguard”, The Global Crop Diversity Trust, Increased Growth Rate in Seeds, Megalithic Sites, Fertilizers, Temporal Lobe Instability, Geomagnetic Abnormalities, Electromagnetic Voltmeter, Dolmens, Megalithic, Pyramids, Light Displays, Sacred Sites, The Shaman, “Seeds of Knowledge, Stones of Plenty”, Magnetometer, Electrostatic Voltmeter, Increased Energy at Sun Setting and Rising, Chalk aquifers, Atmospheric Plasma Discharge, Ground Electrical Charge and more. ~Red Ice Creations

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