Dark Journalist & Dr. Joseph Farrell | UFO File Wars: Secret Endgame Revealed! | May 17, 2019

Source: darkjournalist.com, gizadeathstar.com


In Part 2 of this breakthrough interview loaded with crucial information, Dark Journalist is joined by Dr. Joseph Farrell to discuss how the UFO Disclosure narrative is building toward a false ET Invasion scenario. They examine unusual Navy Patents that have surfaced indicating some exotic technology is soon to be revealed. In an amazing twist Dr. Farrell indicates that some of the Space based technology disclosures will involve complete control of the Financial System. DJ reminds us of Dr. Carol Rosin’s anecdote, while working for Wernher von Braun, in which he predicted that the final False Flag attack will involve a fake alien invasion. -darkjournalist.com

Max Igan | A Stupid War with Iran and the Coming False Flag | May 17, 2019

Source: thecrowhouse.com

Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - May 17, 2019.

The Corbett Report | Top 5 "Conspiracy Theories" That Turned Out To Be True | May 19, 2019

Source: corbettreport.com

We all know the old trope of the tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist who believes crazy things like "the government is spying on us" and "the military is spraying things in the sky" and "the CIA ships in the drugs." Except those things aren't so crazy after all. Here are five examples of things that were once derided as zany conspiracy paranoia and are now accepted as mundane historical fact. -corbettreport.com

Transcript & Sources

Jeff Rense & Herbert Dorsey | German UFOs, Free Energy and New Physics | May 16, 2019

Source: Rense.com

This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 05-16-19 with Guest Herbert Dorsey.

S0 News | Chemtrail Star, Galaxy Collision, Severe Alert | May 17, 2019

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Steven & Kiersten Sedlmayr | What You Need to Know about Your Drinking Water | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio

Source: veritasradio.com, DiviniaWater.com, startengine.com/diviniawater

Water is the most precious resource on the planet, yet water everywhere is contaminated. Originating from polluted sources, bottled water is transported across oceans and continents in potentially toxic plastic containers to consumers, while simultaneously contributing to the global crisis of pollution and carbon emissions.

Recently, the World Health Organization released a study revealing 98% of all bottled waters contain microplastics. The greatest conspiracy right now to people on the face of the Earth is the drinking water that they're drinking. They cannot tell people that they're drinking opium-laced, arsenic-laced, lead-laced, radioactive water in the cities. You cannot tell the people that the water that they're drinking is contaminated and expect to maintain control and to be able to push your agenda. It is the greatest conspiracy going. -veritasradio.com

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | May 16, 2019

Source: gizadeathstar.com

Bayer finally admits what researchers like F. William Engdahl (Seeds of Destruction) and Marie-Monique Robin (The World According to Monsanto) told us years ago: Mon(ster)santo engaged in extraordinarily "sharp practice" to combat GMO opponents. Bayer admits that its newly acquired "Monsanto" division had a black ops component:

Bayer Ordered To Pay $2 Billion In Roundup Damages; Admits Spying On Influential Europeans

BOMBSHELL: Bayer discovers “black ops” division run by Monsanto, shuts it down, initiates internal investigation as law enforcement prepares criminal charges against the chemical giant

S0 News | Magnetic Reversal Check-Up, Fake News Law | May 16, 2019

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

David Adair | Future Plans To Explore The Moon from The Middle East and Africa | May 15, 2019

Source: truthbetoldworldwide.com

David Adair is an internationally recognized leader and expert in the field of space technology spinoff applications for industry and commercial use. He has worked as a research scientist in the fields of engineering, jet engine technology, rocket science and nuclear physics.

Linda Moulton Howe | ET Contact and Binary Code: The Message in the Mystery | May 15, 2019

Source: higherjourneys.com, earthfiles.com

Earthfiles Linda Moulton Howe joins Higher Journeys once again to discuss a very perplexing, but fascinating phenomenon.

Cryptic messages coming through binary code and otherwise "foreign" symbols have found their way into the minds of some ET contact experiencers, including USAF Staff Sgt. Jim Penniston, who in 1980 while stationed at RAF Bentwaters in Woodbridge, England encountered a craft in Rendlesham Forest for which his eventual physical contact with the craft would yield a spontaneous download of "0's and 1's."

The subsequent revelations Penniston received years later told in great detail by Linda Moulton Howe will leave the listener scratching their heads.

But Penniston isn't the only "contactee" who has experienced downloads of binary code. Howe shares another story of high strangeness involving binary code along with a third encounter sent directly to Higher Journeys with similar features.

Taken together, there is a common thread. But what is it? Moreover, what are the messages? Has the binary code been accurately transcribed? And if so, what are we to do with these ominous directives?

S0 News | Solar Storm Effects, M7.5 Quake, CME Bombshell | May 15, 2019

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

STANTON FRIEDMAN, 1934-2019 | Richard Dolan | May 14, 2019

Source: richarddolanpress.com

Stanton Friedman passed away on May 13, 2019 at the age of 84. He was widely recognized as the primary researcher of the Roswell event of 1947 and generally as the leading voice of UFO research for the past several decades. Everyone who follows ufology has heard of him, and everyone in the field knew him in one way or another. He was a fighter for truth, and he will surely be missed. 

Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time. He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, both ground-breaking works which together provide the most factually complete and accessible narrative of the UFO subject available anywhere. He also co-authored a speculative book about the future, A.D. After Disclosure, the first-ever analysis not only of how UFO secrecy might end, but of the all-important question: what happens next?

Tom Montalk | Military Principles of Spiritual Warfare | Hour 1 | May 14, 2019

Source: thecosmicswitchboard.com, montalk.net

Tom Montalk is the author of “Fringe Knowledge For Beginners,” “Discerning Alien Disinformation,” and “Transcending The Matrix Control System Volumes I and II.” Tom’s work is a “Must Read” for those struggling to understand the true nature of Reality, Alien and Occultic Entity Interference, Metaphysics and Hidden Secret Science.

In what is destined to become an instant Classic, Tom Montalk returns to The Cosmic Switchboard Show to discuss the Principles of Military Strategy and Tactics as it applies to Spiritual Warfare and Spiritual Protection. Tom has studied Sun Tzu, Von Clausewitz and other strategists and theorists in the Military Art of War and has applied their principles to spiritual warfare both from an offensive and a defensive standpoint. Tom talks about “The Synchronicity of Protection.”

S0 News | Strong Geomagnetic Effects, More CMEs Coming | May 14, 2019

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

The Corbett Report | Don't Throw Big Tech in the Briar Patch! - #PropagandaWatch | May 14, 2019

Source: corbettreport.com

Oh, no! Don't regulate Big Tech! How will they ever be able to put up with the government enshrining them as the monopoly platforms that everyone must use? -corbettreport.com

Show Notes:
Problem Reaction Solution: Internet Censorship Edition
Mark Zuckerberg is begging for governments to regulate Facebook
Zuckerberg: Maybe tech should face some regulations
YouTube and its users face an existential threat from the EU’s new copyright directive
Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” – FLNWO #35

Clif High | Antarctica Unveiled (Act 4: Postscript ) | May 12, 2019

Source: forumborealis.net, halfpasthuman.com

Ready for updates? Clif brings us up to speed on recent developments not covered in the main show.

Some topics touched:
What can we learn from the Strava Heat Map fiasco?
Why's Antarctic traffick exploding?
Why hiring thousands for civil service occupations?
What's up with the incredible security clearance?
What of the cruise and flight tourism?
How's the Voyager relevant?
Is the Classified Space Program relocated south?
What to deduct from the recent Giza Pyramid energy phenomenon disclosure?
Why is there still unclaimed areas while fighting over claimed land? + Learn a hack to get from pole to pole by Google Earth zooming...

Max Igan | We Are Being Set Up | May 10, 2019

Source: thecrowhouse.com

Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - May 10, 2019.

Dark Journalist & Dr. Joseph Farrell | Fake Alien Invasion Threat! The Von Braun UFO Card 2020 | May 10, 2019

Source: darkjournalist.com, gizadeathstar.com

Breakthrough Episode Wernher Von Braun Alien Invasion Card - Power struggle over the UFO File - Trump Space Force Vs. Delonge reid Podesta TTS - CIA fake UFO disclosure OP - Kennedy Reagan White House battle for X Technology - Secret Space Program

Richard Dolan | Why Fantasy-Based Claims Always Crash & Burn | May 11, 2019

Source: richarddolanpress.com

The UFO subject is inherently difficult. Assessing the evidence is often a challenge, but one that is necessary. An all-too-common pitfall of the subject is its vulnerability to claims based on fantasy. We can do better.

Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time. He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, both ground-breaking works which together provide the most factually complete and accessible narrative of the UFO subject available anywhere. He also co-authored a speculative book about the future, A.D. After Disclosure, the first-ever analysis not only of how UFO secrecy might end, but of the all-important question: what happens next?

David Icke | The Artificial Intelligence Agenda Exposed | London Real | May 9, 2019

Source: londonreal.tv, davidicke.com

David Icke is an English writer and public speaker, known since the 1990s as a professional conspiracy theorist calling himself a "full time investigator into WHO and WHAT is really controlling the world."

As a former footballer, BBC sports television presenter, and spokesman for the Green Party, his interview on Terry Wogan’s show in 1991 turned him from a respected household name into a laughingstock across the country.

Now, he is the author of over 20 books and over 10 DVDs, and have lectured in over 25 countries, speaking live for up to 10 HOURS to huge audiences, filling stadiums like Wembley Arena.

Dane Wigington | Climate Change Advocates Ignore Geoengineering | May 9, 2019

Source: GeoengineeringWatch.org

Collective efforts are essential If we are to have any chance of exposing and halting global climate engineering operations in time to salvage what yet remains of Earth’s life support systems. All are needed in the battle to sound the alarm on the critical issue of climate engineering.

S0 News | Sun, Lightning, Failing Mainstream News | May 10, 2019

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Dr. Stephen Hussey | The Heart Deception, Epigenetics, & The Health Evolution | May 9, 2019

Source: thehighersidechats.com

After discovering a passion for health in college Stephen Hussey attained his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine and Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States.

Over the years he has learned the power of food to heal the body and it all began when he used the proper human diet as part of the healing process to rid himself of many chronic health ailments. Today he practices Chiropractic and Functional Medicine in Roanoke, VA and also coaches people back to health at Resource Your Health.

Geordie Rose | Quantum Computing, AI, Simulation Theory & The Holy Grail Of Technology | May 9, 2019

Source: kevbakershow.com, sanctuary.ai

Geordie Rose, founder of D-Wave Systems & Sanctuary AI joins me for a conversation covering topics including quantum computing, quantum mechanics, artificial intelligence, building a soul, the illusion of time, Mandela effects, the dangers of social media & more!

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | May 9, 2019

Source: gizadeathstar.com

Talk about GMO geopolitics... oh, wait, that's what they're NOT talking about regarding Venezuela:

How GMO Seeds and Monsanto/Bayer’s “RoundUp” are Driving US Policy in Venezuela

Robert Schoch | The Secrets of the Sphinx and Ancient Egypt | May 9, 2019

Source: truthbetoldworldwide.com, robertschoch.com

Schoch was the first geologist to date the age of the great Sphinx to at least 9700 years old. Along with John Anthony West they formed the first discoveries of archo-geology.

Mark Steele | 5G - SMART = Secret Militarized Armaments in Residential Technology | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio

Source: veritasradio.com, aveusnow.org.uk

How would you feel if you knew that an untested technology is being deployed across America with no government oversight, no transparency, no public input, no regulations, and no long-term studies on health and environmental impacts? How would you feel if you knew sensors are rolling out to be installed in everything, from clothing, appliances, building materials, automobiles, cosmetics, toys, computers, furniture, etc, turning our world into the Internet of Things, as a component of this untested technology?

Wouldn't that be cool; living in a virtual reality where every single object and living thing is connected into a wireless global network? Allowing every single thing we do to be completely monitored and controlled, collecting every bit of data about our lives as we go about our day. Ultimately, all this information will be sold (and hacked) to corporations, nations, and various alphabet agencies to be analyzed, synthesized, and made available for anyone to do as they please because this new untested millimeter wave frequency, known as 5G, is currently being quietly deployed throughout America: under the radar.

Pun intended. The unregulated fitment of 5G hazardous technologies across the country in your towns, cities and countryside, has started in total disregard of the law by local government agencies and authorities that include known hazardous led lighting systems a carrier technology for the 5g coverage radiation emission blanket.

They will track cellphone usage, car location and even electricity usage.

Mark Steele worked in research and development projects for over 30 years and is a patent writer inventor and has a number of patents in head up display and weapon imaging systems.

James True | Cause of Fire Unknown | Freeman TV

Source: freemantv.com, JTrue.com

There is a blueprint for mind control. We have been programmed for centuries by the spellcraft of our controllers. Our world is reverberating in echos of trauma that can only be solved with awareness. A ringing bell is hushed with the grasping of fingers. We are here to grasp this truth together.

What is the true anatomy of evil as a careless machine? We vacate each other in pain. It makes us selfish. This is the feeding ground of vampires. The dissonance was created for that purpose.

What are the controlling effects of the psychology behind false flags and educational propaganda? Picture yourself trapped in an eternally shrinking vacuum of space where no one can hear you. You live in fear of tumbling asteroids, your own footprints, and the magic of E=MC2.

Our media and Hollywood are licensed fear porn agents here to keep you impotent. They hide the truth. We are living in a world of human slavery and sacrifice.

James True is a writer from the High Country of Southern Appalachia. This autobiography is a collection of literature and poems inspired by growing up in America. The author takes you through his experiences as a world-traveling choirboy, submarine hunter, philosopher, wilderness counselor, animal rehabber, politician, lover, and sculptor of six large-format bamboo dragons built across North and Central America.

Watch a story unfold of growing up to realize you haven't really. It's full of humor and richness in the moment from the colors of childhood to the weight of loss. It's a story of crashing hard and finding resurrection and metamorphosis. It's a tale of a desperate attempt to save a marriage and rebuild an identity after being shunned by a tribe. It navigates the torture of dragon narcissus and exposes the colored smoke and triangular spells that make her so charming. Experience the author's intimacy in every sentence as he walks you through his awakening from the spell of six dragons.

Jeff Rense And William Gheen | The Kushner Immigration Plan…Betraying America, Again | May 8, 2019

Source: rense.com

This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 05-08-19 with Guest William Gheen.

Jay Weidner Apologizes, Admits Corey Goode is a Fraud! | May 8, 2019

Source: The Jay Weidner Show youtube

In this episode Jay Weidner reveals the truth behind the Corey Goode Enigma and he explains why he does NOT believe Corey Goode. Jay Weidner (producer of Cosmic Disclosure) and part of Corey Goode's doxxing/meme team tell his side of the story and admit that he helped to propagate a large-scale hoax while working with David Wilcock and Corey Goode. Well, here we have it.

Dr. Richard Alan Miller | 5G, Holograms and Cavitation | May 8, 2019

Source: projectcamelot.tv, richardalanmiller.com

Author and researcher Dr. Richard Alan Miller reveals a depth of knowledge and experience in alternative agriculture, physics, and metaphysics. Miller began working in the secret world of Navy Intel (Seal Corp. and then MRU) in the late 60s, and now has amazing experiences and conclusions to share.

Before many leading edge concepts became trendy topics, Miller was (and is) in the international front lines of research, experimentation and documentation. Today, Miller writes for Nexus magazine and is a preferred guest on internet radio. In the 21st century Miller is re-emerging at a critical time in humanities evolution where metaphysics and practical survival converge.

The Black Vault | NRO Evolution and Overview (1995) Declassified by NRO w/ Redactions | May 8, 2019

Source: theblackvault.com

This video was requested via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by John Greenewald, Jr. of The Black Vault. The FOIA Case number for reference is F-2018-00088.

The video was released in five, individual files. These have been unedited from their original form, but have been combined here for easier viewing. The slates in front of all five clips appear, and are marked by the "NRO Approved For Release May 2019" image.

The video was seen as a reference, in a declassified "Joint Inspection of the National Reconnaissance Office" which I received from the Department of Defense's Office of the Inspector General. That document can be seen here: 1996 Joint Inspection of the National Reconnaissance Office, Inspection Report No. 96-014, 23 July 1996 -theblackvault.com

S0 News | Sunspots Morphing, Novae, Radio Trickery | May 8, 2019

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Richard Dolan Show | Extraordinary: The Seeding. Interview with the Filmmakers | May 6, 2019

Source: richarddolanpress.com, j3films.com

The latest documentary on the ET abduction phenomenon, Extraordinary: The Seeding features experiencers and researchers in an exploration of missing embryos, hybridization, trauma, and more. Richard Dolan interviews the creators of the film, Jon Sumple and Jack Roth.

Extraordinary: The Seeding
Named Best Documentary and nominated for Best Director
at the Pasadena International Film Festival!

Abductions. Reproduction experiments. Memories of seeing children off-planet. The idea of humans participating in an alien hybrid program sounds absurd until you talk to people who have experienced it. Thousands around the world have had reproductive experiments carried out against their will. The most harrowing?

Unexplained pregnancies that terminate without explanation. The memories of what happened remain suppressed and fragmented, leaving experiencers confused, depressed and with a profound sense of loss. In others, the memories are visceral and emotionally disturbing. Thanks to increased acceptance, more people are coming forward with their frightening experiences.

Are aliens involved in a complex hybridization project where humans are used to cultivate a hybrid population? Extraordinary: The Seeding tells these stories through one-on-one interviews with abductees—brave individuals sharing intensely personal and emotional stories. Through analysis with global ufology experts, the film also explores hybridization, why it’s happening and what the impact on humanity is and will be. The information presented is intended to educate, entertain and encourage audiences to ask one simple question: What if this is all true?

S0 News | Solar Flares, Eyes Open, 100 Million TeV DM | May 6, 2019

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

James True | Blueprints of Mind Control - How The Whole World Has Been Brainwashed By The Elites | May 3, 2019

Source: anarchast.com, jtrue.com

Topics include: government mind control, bioregionalism, a solid gold yoke of blind empathy, pyramid taxation vs regional autonomy, compassion, local currencies, prejudice and supremacy, the nature of real community, polarization, tv programming and reinforcing authority, science and mind control, alchemy and the placebo effect, ancient civilizations, ritual and belief, trauma programming, symbolism of the twin towers, replacing sacred archetypes with trivialities, evil and Satan, getting in touch with your own sacred nature.

Dark Journalist | X-Series 54: Apotheum Nightside Forces Mystery School Secrets! | May 3, 2019

Source: darkjournalist.com

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt presents the groundbreaking X-SERIES that follows the X Steganography through the History of Political and Covert Esoteric Groups coordinating in a Stealth Program the Secret Work of the Mystery Schools X-Technology and Apotheum Reality Distortion.

Max Igan | 5G - Weaponizing the Airwaves | May 3, 2019

Source: thecrowhouse.com

Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - May 3, 2019.

Jeff with Ken Rhoades & David Brinsko | Hard Proof Of Mass Mind Control In America | Rense | May 2, 2019

Source: Rense.com

This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 05-02-19 with Guests Ken Rhoades & David Brinsko.

S0 News | Sunspots Arrive, Cyclone Hits, Magnetic Battle | May 3, 2019

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | May 2, 2019

Source: gizadeathstar.com

There's a disturbing article at Zero Hedge about asteroid apocalypse and defense drills... and as usual, Joseph has some high octane speculation about it...

NASA Prepares For "Asteroid Apocalypse" With "Planetary Defense" Simulation

Richard Dolan | The Navy & UAP: Controlled Disclosure Continues | May 2, 2019

Source: richarddolanpress.com

The U.S. Navy recently stated that it is issuing new guidelines relating to UFOs or UAP. It's noteworthy that the Navy acknowledges the proliferation of unknown objects penetrating sensitive airspace, something that has occurred for decades. But another trend is at work: the ongoing rebranding of UFOs into UAP. Removing the baggage of the term UFO also means siphoning out the history of military confrontation, of crash retrievals, and even of apparent alien encounters. It's part of a slow process we can call Controlled Disclosure.

Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time. He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, both ground-breaking works which together provide the most factually complete and accessible narrative of the UFO subject available anywhere. He also co-authored a speculative book about the future, A.D. After Disclosure, the first-ever analysis not only of how UFO secrecy might end, but of the all-important question: what happens next?

Lorraine Day, M.D. | Why Doctors Can't Cure You & What They Won't (Can't) Tell You | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio

Source: veritasradio.com, drday.com, goodnewsaboutgod.com

According to tonight's guest, the cure for cancer has been found. We don't need to donate for cancer research. It has always involved the way we live, eat, think, act, and handle stress. Are we giving ourselves cancer?

Not only are we discussing tonight what doctors won't tell you or, shall I say, cannot tell you, but we will also discuss Agenda 21 and population extermination; why the real goal of Cap and Trade is not to eliminate pollution by corporations; hospice and euthanasia trucks; vaccinations - they maim and kill and they have never worked to prevent disease; the Empire of the City: how just one family - through 3 cities - rules the world, and those 3 cities are not subject to any laws of any country. And much more.

Dr. Lorraine Day is an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon and bestselling author who was for 15 years on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine as Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics. She was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital and is recognized world-wide as an AIDS expert.

She has been invited to lecture extensively throughout the U.S. and the world and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows including 60 minutes, Nightline, CNN Crossfire, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King Live, The 700 Club, John Ankerberg Show, USA Radio Network, Art Bell Radio Show, Three Angels Broadcasting Network and Trinity Broadcasting Network.

S0 News | Solar Warning, Amazing Weather/Science News | May 2, 2019

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Brien Foerster | The Strangest Ancient Pyramid In The World? Abu Rawash In Egypt | May 1, 2019

Source: hiddenincatours.com

Ash Donaldson | Fairy Tales For European Children | Apr. 30, 2019

Source: Redice.tv, preservationoffire.com

Ash Donaldson joins Henrik to talk about his book "Blut and Boden, a Fairy Tale For Children of European Decent."

Ash Donaldson is a veteran of the war against ISIS - the Muslim group, that is, not the goddess. A refugee from academia, he lives in exile in the upper Midwest. His work can be read in the pages of Europa Sun and at Counter-Currents. -Redice.tv

George Knapp | The Mysterious Zimbabwe School UFO Landing

Source: coasttocoastam.com, arielphenomenon.com

On September 16th, 1994, at the Ariel primary school in Zimbabwe, over 60 school children described seeing a disc-shaped craft land behind the school. Some of them reported observing two strange beings near the object. One appeared to approach the group. They said the figures were about 4 feet tall and were wearing what looked like “divers' suits.” The children were interviewed immediately thereafter by Tim Leach, BBC Bureau Chief for Zimbabwe, and later, Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack. After an exhaustive investigation, Dr. Mack concluded that the children were not making up the story. Filmmaker Randall Nickerson is developing a new documentary using original BBC footage of the children. In the first half, he joined George Knapp to discuss the event and the details he has uncovered.

Since that time, many more witnesses have come forward with other stories of UFO sightings in the area occurring within a day or so. Nickerson tracked down many of the original witnesses (now adults) through social media. He says they all reported that the experience was “something that never left them.” A few of the children who were standing closest to the alien-looking figure said that it telepathically communicated a message of environmental urgency about the Earth. He says the experience of working on the film has made him realize that there is much to be discovered and that “we don’t have it all figured out.” -coasttocoastam.com

David Livingstone | The Chao Before The Ordo | Freeman TV

Source: FreemanTV.com, ConspiracySchool.com

Zionism, Nazism, radical terrorists factions, and where each fits into this highly controversial picture is not the job of ultracrepidarians; giving opinions and advice on matters outside of their knowledge. The creation of Sabbatai Zevi's messiahship by the Rosicrucians and the connection of the Protocols of Zion to the Memphis-Mizraim rite of Freemasonry is known by few. Who are the "THEY"? Is there an Illuminati causing terrorism and present day conflicts? Are they interconnected, related and fueling each other, thus propelling the world towards a clash of ideologies?

The Black Madonna, Freemasonry, the Knights Templar and the Orient; legends, myths and elite bloodlines, when analyzed independently appear insignificant and are easily ignored. However, when the dots are connected, a very different picture comes into focus. According to like-minded individuals, keeping these connections broken and the lines blurred, has allowed these secret societies and their members to operate in the shadows of a meticulously cultivated public image.

While many dismiss the idea of secret societies and a one world government as mere conspiracy theories run amok, many others would argue that is part of the plan. Thinking outside the box has always been a trait of forward thinking individuals and societies. Analyzing the ridiculous or outlandish has resulted in numerous discoveries and inventions that in retrospect have shaped communities, academics, governments and the world as a whole and their creators are given the highest, most prestigious recognition.

David Livingstone has been researching the hidden aspects of history for the last 25 years, resulting in the writing of three books. David's approach to history is to dare to consider those areas often dismissed by scholars as the subject of cranks, but to investigate these matters with the utmost scholarly rigor. The results are works that expose many neglected areas of history, but resist the temptation to hasty generalizations, and therefore offer a more sober penetrating treatments.

download mp3

Richard Dolan | UFOs over U.S. Nukes: The Astonishing Events of 1975 | Apr. 30, 2019

Source: richarddolanpress.com

At a time when the term UFO is currently being defanged into mere UAP, it's important to remember that the U.S. military has not only been baffled and outclassed by unknown objects for generations, but has actively engaged these objects when they have invaded sensitive military airspace, including sites containing nuclear weapons. UFOs aren't a "what if they're out there" problem. They constitute a reality that is beyond the control of any authority we can identify on Earth.

Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time. He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, both ground-breaking works which together provide the most factually complete and accessible narrative of the UFO subject available anywhere. He also co-authored a speculative book about the future, A.D. After Disclosure, the first-ever analysis not only of how UFO secrecy might end, but of the all-important question: what happens next?

John Greenewald, Jr. | Navy UFO Reporting Guidelines | The Black Vault Radio | Apr. 29, 2019

Source: theblackvault.com

Recent statements by the U.S. Navy elude to new UFO reporting guidelines being implemented. Based on reports by military pilots in recent years, “unidentified aircraft” are causing security concern and aviation hazards that need to be addressed. Join me, as I connect the phrasing used by the Navy going back 66 years… And I’ll explore Air Force regulations already on the books that outline the very same thing. What does this all mean? -theblackvault.com

S0 News | Galactic Field Era, Plasma Bursts, Big Storms | Apr. 30, 2019

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Stephen Bassett | Is Disclosure Close or Is Deep State Stopping it? | Apr. 29, 2019

Source: truthbetoldworldwide.com, paradigmresearchgroup.org

S0 News | Coronal Hole, Recurrent Nova, Magnetic Dust | Apr. 29,2019

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Dark Journalist & John Greenewald | To The Stars AATIP CIA UFO Disclosure: Elizondo & Delonge! | Apr. 27, 2019

Source: darkjournalist.com, theblackvault.com


Join Dark Journalist and his Special Guest Author and Researcher John Greenewald from The Black Vault as they unravel the tangled web of the To The Stars Academy (TTSA) Narrative. They clearly demonstrate the contradictions, inconsistencies and outright falsehoods in the story told by TTSA’s Founder Luis Elizondo about the Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program referred to as AATIP. Greenewald has even constructed a detailed Timeline of statements and quotes by TTSA Founders and demonstrates that their official story about AATIP and its relation to UFOs is a convoluted mess.

They also look closely at the heavy presence of CIA Officials involved in TTSA and how it appears to be an operation aimed at managing the UFO Narrative to maintain the Government’s Wall of Secrecy on the Controversial UFO File.

The Black Vault is the largest privately run online repository of declassified government documents anywhere in the world. With more than 2 MILLION pages of documents to read, on nearly every government secret imaginable.

Link to John Greenewald's AATIP Timeline

Human Resources | Social Engineering in the 20th Century (Full Length Documentary)

Source: metanoia-films.org

A viscerally overpowering film and at the same time a thoughtful meditation on the human condition.” Walter A. Davis
Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University

Brilliant…Riveting…The amount of material the filmmaker covers and unifies is astounding…Human Resources diagnoses the 20th century.” Stephen Soldz
Professor, Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis; President, Psychologists for Social Responsibility

"Powerful…Must See…It will leave you Spellbound.
Andrew Goliszek
Author, In the Name of Science: A History of Secret Programs, Medical Research, and Human Experimentation

An important work…terrifiying in its implications….Human Resources is a must see for those of us who still take democracy seriously.” Bruce E. Levine
Author Commonsense Rebellion: Taking Back Your Life from Drugs, Shrinks, Corporations, and a World Gone Crazy

It scared the shit out of me…A powerful and methodical dissection of the dominant culture.”
Derrick Jensen
Author, Endgame

A masterful examination of the mechanization of human existence…It is a rare occasion when watching a film can help open not only our eyes, but our minds.
Andrew Marshall
Centre for Research on Globalization

A Masterpiece. Unless you weep, you may be damaged by this film. Viewer discretion, and love, advised."
David Ker Thomson
Professor, Language and Thinking Program at Bard College

"Scott Noble's work is a pioneering development in documentary filmmaking in its content, documentary technique, and even distribution method. Watch his stuff, use it, and build on it."
Chris Simpson
Professor, School of Communication, American University

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Apr. 25, 2019

Source: gizadeathstar.com

Well, as I predicted about ten years ago, Germany is now pushing for a restructuring of the UN security council, and wants a permanent seat in that body...

Germany Wants Nuclear Bombers

Ryan Patrick Burns | Skinwalker Ranch, Paranormal Portals, & The Wolverine | Apr. 25, 2019

Source: thehighersidechat.com

Today’s guest left a recent comment on the THC Plus website that read, “If you’re interested in an NDA free Skinwalker Ranch episode, hit me up.” Well, hit him up I did.

It turns out Ryan has quite an interesting life, as he uprooted everything a few years ago to live closer to what they call Skinwalker Ranch and carry out his own investigations of rural Utah. He’s since had a Pandora’s Box full of paranormal experiences, has written 2 books, and had spent time picking the brains of bright minds tasked with demystifying this paranormal hot spot. Now he shares it all with THC, so grab a spot around the digital campfire.

Read about Ryan’s experiences and research more in depth in his books, Skinwalker and Beyond & The Utah UFO Ranch. -thehighersidechat.com

John & Bonnie Mitchell | Mnemonic Circles, TV Mind Control, & How to Free Yourself | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio

Source: veritasradio.com, awakenvideo.org, alienabductionhelp.com

Together, John and Bonnie Mitchell run awakenvideo.org, an anthology of videos meant to awaken unity consciousness and bring Truth to light. In 2013, John and Bonnie revealed a new, high-tech form of subconscious mind control and digital dark magic on television and mass media involving deep programming and demonic possession. This technology is now being used against all people who watch television, mainstream movies, play video games, use cell phones and computers. This is the culmination of the illuminatis mind control and behavioral research programs; the easiest way to hypnotize and program a human beings subconscious mind.

It combines electromagnetic pulsing, manipulation of sound and light frequencies, hypnotic trance induction, brainwave entrainment, and dark sigil magic. This tool is being used to keep the majority of people in a constant trance state, rewrite memories, control behavior, and insert demonic energy. TV viewers are being used as batteries to manifest the dark, fear-based reality the illuminati desire Their initial 2013 documentary on this mind control technology is called Global Epidemic Exposed – Television Sigil Magik. Their 2015 documentary created for the Free Your Mind Conference 3 is entitled Mnemonic Mind Control“ Who Owns Your Thoughts?

Bonnie Jean Mitchell is a life-long contactee who has interacted with multidimensional beings since she was a young child. She has experienced beneficial contact as well as alien abduction and military abduction. She did her first interview with the Edgar Cayce Foundation in 1993 and has been helping contactees and abductees ever since. In the year 2000, she graduated from The College of William & Mary and began working on her first book, Invitation to the Self-journey with the star people, published in 2005.

Her website, alienabductionhelp.com, is a supportive environment for contactees and abductees. John Mitchell, with a background in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Merchant Marines, traveled to the infamous Area 51, Nevada and filmed dozens of daytime UFOs in 2006. His experience included five hours of missing time and the filming of two UFOs leaving the scene of his abduction. These events began John's research which has revealed connections to both the enslavement and the freeing of mankind. John wishes to enlighten others to Truth to help expand their consciousness. Together, John and Bonnie run awakenvideo.org, an anthology of videos meant to awaken unity consciousness and bring Truth to light.

S0 News | Snow Records, USA Quake Risks, Cosmic Magnetism | Apr. 25, 2019

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Erich von Däniken | Best-Selling Author "Chariots of the Gods" and Ancient Aliens | Apr. 24, 2019

Source: truthbetoldworldwide.com, Daniken.com

Dr. Richard Alan Miller | Magick As Advanced Physics | Freeman TV

Source: freemantv.com, RichardAlanMiller.com

Meta means beyond, and the new directions in Physics. It includes the study, and use, of altered states of consciousness, where Imagination is considered Reality.

Magick is the next evolutional step in the advancement of consciousness. This is why Magick has been reserved for the ultra-elite of Europe for centuries. Known as Magick within Blue Lodges, the occult has always been “occulted.” As Alchemy has led to Chemistry, so too now will Magick emerge as an advanced form of Physics (as Mystery Schools)

Magick is now defined as the art of changing consciousness at will. Rather than fearing or ignoring altered states of consciousness, they now will be seen as tools in a toolbox, to be used when they allow certain realities that conscious states do not.

One example is when a mother, in distress, is able to rip a car door off to save her daughter. How is that possible, when nothing in her body is as strong as steel? And yet, we all have examples where the paranormal is always possible, when subjected to an altered state of consciousness. This is the next stage toward the evolution of man.

Dr. Richard Alan Miller is a pioneer in the annals of metaphysical and paranormal exploration. Miller began working in the "X-Files" world of Navy Intel (Seal Corp. and then MRU) in the late 60s. His public collaborations and research continue.

As an original black ops team-member, Miller's research in the field of paranormal began as a graduate physicist working 11 years with Navy Intel (Anesthesiology). During this period numerous foundational papers, including "A Holographic Concept of Reality" and "Embryonic Holography" were written.

His past and current writings and presentations reveal a depth of knowledge and practical experience in three major fields; Alternative Agriculture, New Age Physics, and Metaphysics. Miller now writes for Nexus magazine and is a preferred guest on internet radio. He is re-emerging at a critical time in humanities evolution where metaphysics and practical survival converge.

download mp3

S0 News | Sun vs Comet, Major Floods, Mars-Quake | Apr. 24, 2019

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Mediastan: A Wikileaks Road Movie | Full Documentary

Source: journeyman.tv

Mediastan: A Wikileaks Road Movie: Due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the arrests of Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning, Sixteen Films and Journeyman Pictures are providing a time-limited free access to the Wikileaks road movie Mediastan.

Mediastan is a documentary film directed by Johannes Wahlström and co-produced by Julian Assange, detailing the publication of the very documents for which both Assange and Manning have been incarcerated. -journeyman.tv

Richard Dolan | Unexplained ET Encounter Cases of the 1960s | Apr. 23, 2019

Source: richarddolanpress.com

Richard and Tracey focus on four startling cases of apparent alien encounters from the 1960s: Socorro New Mexico (1964), Valensole France (1965), Westall School Australia (1966), Falcon Lake Manitoba (1967).

Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time. He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, both ground-breaking works which together provide the most factually complete and accessible narrative of the UFO subject available anywhere. He also co-authored a speculative book about the future, A.D. After Disclosure, the first-ever analysis not only of how UFO secrecy might end but of the all-important question: what happens next?

Graham Hancock | Joe Rogan Experience | Apr. 22, 2019

Source: joerogan.com, grahamhancock.com

Graham Hancock is an English author and journalist, well known for books such as “Fingerprints Of The Gods” & “Magicians of the Gods”. His new book "America Before" comes on out April 23.

S0 News | Geomagnetic Jerks, Major Weather/Earthquakes | Apr. 23, 2019

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Clif High | The Cancer Ward | E01-04

Source: halfpasthuman.com

A discussion of attitude for surviving cancer. Some tips on anti-cancer substances, and an introduction to the Cancer Ward series of videos being produced.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Matt Landman | Time To Stop 5G | The Vinny Eastwood Show | Apr. 22, 2019

Source: thevinnyeastwoodshow.com, Actualactivists.com, Frankenskiesthemovie.com

S0 News | Galactic X, CMEs, Earthquake, Flood | Apr. 22, 2019

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Max Igan | The World is Changing | Apr. 19, 2019

Source: thecrowhouse.com

Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - April 19, 2019.

S0 News | Cold Star Superflare, 100 Dead in Major Storm | Apr. 18, 2019

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

New World Next Week | Russia Hails the New World Order | Apr. 18, 2019

Source: NewWorldNextWeek.com, corbettreport.com, mediamonarchy.com

Story #1: New Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Goes Public; Defamation Lawsuit Targets Dershowitz
Daily Beast Found Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Secret Charity
They Knew In 1996! Why Was Nothing Done?
Jeffrey Epstein: International Moneyman of Mystery
Official March of the U.S.O., “Spirit of the U.S.O.”, Written By Prescott Bush

Story #2: Russia Says ‘New World Order’ Being Formed
How To REALLY Defeat Globalism
IMF Executives Fail to Recognize Guaido as Venezuela's ‘Interim President’

Story #3: Beware, Beware the Third Week of April
Peru’s Ex-President Dies From Self-Inflicted Gun Shot While Being Arrested on Corruption Allegations
Flashback: Peruvian Leader Abandons Sec. Clinton at News Conference (Jun. 8, 2010)
Alan and Hillary, Probably Another Coincidence
Surfside Woman Sol Pais Infatuated With Columbine Dead In Colorado
"An unidentified @FBI agent answered her parent’s phone in Florida when Denver7 called a phone number listed for #SolPais' parents in Florida."
Ariana Grande Shares Brain Scan, Opens Up About PTSD Over Manchester Arena Bombing
Kanye West to Bring ‘Sunday Service’ to Coachella for Easter
Al Aqsa Mosque and Notre Dame Burn
The Coming Destruction of The Dome of the Rock aka the Al Aqsa Mosque
April is the Cruelest Month (Apr. 19, 2009)
Is The World Going to End on September 23, 2015?

Richard Dolan | Media Control & Mockingbird Today | Apr. 16, 2019

Source: richarddolanpress.com

Even after all these years, Operation Mockingbird, the CIA program to infiltrate and control U.S. journalism, is still not well known. Officially, Mockingbird ended in the 1970s after it was exposed. In reality, control over our establishment media is deeper and more insidious than ever before.

Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time. He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, both ground-breaking works which together provide the most factually complete and accessible narrative of the UFO subject available anywhere. He also co-authored a speculative book about the future, A.D. After Disclosure, the first-ever analysis not only of how UFO secrecy might end, but of the all-important question: what happens next?

Jeff Rense & David Icke | World Control Tightens & David’s New BioPic! | Apr. 11, 2019

Source: Rense.com, davidicke.com

This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 04-11-19 with Guest David Icke.

The Corbett Report | The CFR LOVES Domestic Propaganda! – #PropagandaWatch | Apr. 16, 2019

Source: corbettreport.com

The former editor of Time / former Undersecretary of State for Public Policy thinks the US government propagandizing its own citizens is just fine and dandy. And where did he deliver these remarks? At the CFR, of course! Shocking, I know. -corbettreport.com

Show Notes:
Political Disruptions: Combating Disinformation and Fake News
Council on Foreign Relations Tells Gov’t They “Have To” Use Propaganda on Americans
Smith-Mundt repealed (2013)
USC Title 5 Section 3107
USC Title 10 Section 2241a
Karen Ryan PR story
Karen Ryan (background)
GAO rules VNRs illegal (and again)
Information Operations Roadmap
Army Psyops Soldiers Embedded Into Local Tv Crews

Richard Dolan | The Destruction of Julian Assange: The Big Picture | Apr. 13, 2019

Source: richarddolanpress.com

The Destruction of Julian Assange: The Big Picture

“What we are seeing right now is a full spectrum push against anything alternative. Their war against so-called fake news — the ultimate irony, since they have always been the main purveyors of a fake reality. What they don’t understand, or seem to anyway, is that when the legacy mainstream media fails us again and again and again, that organizations like WikiLeaks will arise. People like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden and Julian Assange will step up because, thank God, we still live in a world where there are brave people with integrity and who are willing to fight for the rest of us.

…They exist because the system we live in cannot help but create them. As long as we live in this new form of creeping totalitarianism, this system will produce resistance like that. This is a fight that is far from over. And the voices for freedom and human decency and the right to investigate your own government — those voices live on and they will not be silenced.”~ Richard Dolan

Max Igan | Can You See Whats Happening? | Apr. 12, 2019

Source: thecrowhouse.com

Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - April 12, 2019.

Dark Journalist | Wikileaks Julian Assange & Deep State Censorship War! | Apr. 12, 2019

Source: darkjournalist.com


Matt Landman | A Prison Made Of Light | Freeman TV

Source: freemantv.com, ActualActivists.com, frankenskiesthemovie.com

With the ongoing wave of wireless tech, smart devices and now 5G infrastructure and deployment, levels of cumulative non-ionizing radiation are reaching limits hazardous to human health.

Speak your truth even if your voice shakes.

Spero Protection Clothing will consist of garments lined with metal fabric such as nickel, silver, copper and steel. The metal acts as an armor of protection from microwave EMF / RF radiation. The clothing line will become a vehicle for funding future activism and is purely designed to serve humanity. Protection Clothing GoFundMe

Climate scientists are currently advocating a ‘strike first’ preemptive move against climate change and global warming although you probably won’t have heard much about it. The plan is to block the sun, akin to mimicking a volcanic eruption, which is why it’s called The Mount Pinatubo Effect which would implement an ongoing aerosol injection campaign in the atmosphere in order to veil incoming SUNLIGHT.

Lack of public information shielded by an abundance of confusion tactics, misinformation, outright denial, and euphemistic terminology have worked so far to hide the facts. But those demanding to know the truth have been paying careful attention to the evolution of the terminology surrounding what many of us have known up to now as ‘chemtrails’. Language does indeed matter.

The media even coined the term Secret Large-scale Aerosol Program (SLAP) as a dead end for people new to the subject. Little did we know then that the regime was just buying itself a bit more time before launching its crazy scheme this coming spring.

According to experts, there is no such thing as chemtrails in the skies, and what we see is actually contrails coming out from aircraft. However, conspiracy theorists strongly believe that governments are secretly spraying chemicals in the skies for various reasons including weather control, solar radiation management, psychological manipulation, and human population control.

Climate scientists, however, are very divided as to what causes global warming. Similarly, it is not understood what the effects of geoengineering intervention are or will be, nor how nature will react. The level of unpredictability calls for risk assessment analysis that focuses on the probable outcomes. -freemantv.com

Mike Clelland | Owls, Synchronicity and UFOs | Legalise Freedom Radio | Apr. 12, 2019

Source: legalise-freedom.com, mikeclelland.com

Mike Clelland discusses his book The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity, and the UFO Abductee.

One of the most original books ever written on UFOs, The Messengers will make any thoughtful person ask fundamental questions about the nature of reality itself. More than any work in recent memory, it successfully ties the UFO phenomenon not simply to possible extraterrestrial intelligences, but to synchronicities, ancient archetypes, dreams, shamanistic experiences, magic, personal transformation, and death.

Clelland has gathered together compelling and persuasive accounts from hundreds of people who have had UFO sightings and apparent abduction experiences in conjunction with absolutely bizarre experiences with owls, creatures which have held a place of reverence and mystique throughout history. The accounts of these people – including those of Mike himself – suggest undeniable synchronicities at work. That is, coincidences that are highly meaningful to the persons involved. So meaningful in some cases that they seem staged for that person, and usually in a manner that only that person could decipher.

These accounts pose a serious challenge to the standard scientific materialist view of reality, one controlled by a comprehensible chain of cause and effect, in which matter is all that matters, and in which there are no unseen intelligences at work. As one goes through account after account of these meticulously documented experiences, our conventional view of reality appears ever more incomplete. -legalise-freedom.com

download mp3

S0 News | Crash on the Moon, Weekend Weather Alert, Plasma | Apr. 12, 2019

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Bill Binney (former NSA) on the Arrest of Julian Assange | Apr. 11, 2019

Source: larouchepac.com

Julian Assange was arrested at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London today for failing to show up in court in London in 2012, and pursuant to a previously sealed, March 2018 indictment from the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Virginia. That indictment charges him with conspiracy with respect to Chelsea Manning’s leak of secret and sensitive information to WikiLeaks, which published Manning's material, later covered and republished by the Guardian, the New York Times, Der Speigel, and El Pais. Assange announced through his attorneys that he would fight extradition on the indictment.

There are a handful of uncompromised people who know something about the leak of the DNC and John Podesta emails to WikiLeaks. That leak is at the center of the Russiagate hoax the British have conducted against Donald Trump, the United States, and Russia. Those people are Assange, who insists the materials did not result from a Russian hack, former Ambassador Craig Murray, who says he received a USB stick from an insider source in the United States and got it to Wikileaks, and former NSA Technical Directory Bill Binney, who has performed independent forensic studies of the DNC files and found them consistent with a leak but completely inconsistent with a hack conducted by Russian military intelligence over the internet, as claimed by Robert Mueller.

Do you think that if Robert Mueller could prove Binney wrong, he would have hesitated to indicting Assange for conspiracy? More likely, this is a late move to limit what Attorney General Bill Barr will be allowed to investigate and it should be called out for what it is: a coverup. -larouchepac.com

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Apr. 11, 2019

Source: gizadeathstar.com

The "golden era", the Chinese silk road, and the British royals... the article Joseph talks about today is short on information but huge on implications, and Joseph attempts to explore some of them:

Senior Chinese official calls for healthy development of China-Britain ties

William Dean Garner | Romanic Depression: How the Jesuits Designed, Built and Destroyed America | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio

Source: veritasradio.com, AdagioPress.com, SeanMaclarenBooks.com, Amazon

William Dean Garner reveals how the nearly 500-year-old Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, have designed, built and destroyed the United States of America. Using examples from all sectors of society, he also details the mechanisms used by the Jesuits to cleverly hide their efforts in plain sight, while distracting Americans with endless forms of entertainment.

The first book of the series includes chapters on Government; Politics; Religion; News and Media; Morals and Values; Guns, Drugs and Sex; Military; Healthcare and Medicine; Education; and Criminal Justice. The book also contains 25 pages of excellent references for those who wish to investigate further. For further information on the Jesuits, please read Who Really Owns Your Gold, Third Ed. (2016) by William Garner. For information on the origins of the fictitious Roman Catholic religion, please read Arcanum: A critical analysis of the original 36 sermons of Jmmanuel, the man known to the world as Jesus Christ.

William Garner was a scientist for 15 years (Marine Biology and Neurobiology), US Army Airborne Ranger, overseas security specialist, commercial photographer, military aviation photographer, and New York Times bestselling ghostwriter and editor of many books.

New World Next Week | Hallelujah! Government Allows Homeowners to Grow Vegetables! | Apr. 11, 2019

Source: NewWorldNextWeek.com, corbettreport.com, mediamonarchy.com

Story #1: Rand Paul to Pompeo - You Do Not Have “Permission” For War With Iran
Netanyahu Says Trump Named Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a Terrorist Group At His Request
Trump Designates Iran’s Revolutionary Guards a Foreign Terrorist Group
Exit Poll: Netanyahu Losing Israel Election
“Trump flags being waived at the Bibi @Netanyahu VICTORY celebration last night!”
NWNW Flashback: Trump Makes Israel Great Again (Dec. 7, 2017)
Q Anon, Edge of Wonder Claim Trump Made 5G Safe?

Story #2: We're All Being Judged By A Secret 'Trustworthiness' Score, This Time By Sift
Corbett Report: “Social Credit”
It Begins: Canadian Gov Rolls Out Points To Reward Good Citizens
These Chinese Sanitation Workers Have to Wear Location-Tracking Bracelets Now

Story #3: Florida Will Generously Allow Homeowners to Garden in Their Own Yards

Guns & Butter | FBI Sued for Failure to Provide 9/11 Evidence to Congress | Apr. 3, 2019

Source: gunsandbutter.org

The Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, along with 9/11 victim family members have filed a joint federal lawsuit against the US Department of Justice and the FBI for their failure to perform a congressionally mandated assessment of any evidence known to the FBI that was not considered by the 9/11 Commission related to any factors that contributed in any manner to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

David Meiswinkle, Mick Harrison, Barbara Honegger and Richard Gage provide a broad overview of both the lawsuit and the filing of a grand jury petition; the seven counts of relevant evidence included in the complaint which also cites the destruction by the FBI of evidence related to the "High Fivers"; the Executive Director and Commissioners of the 9/11 Review Commission along with its twelve staff members; next steps in the legal process and what a successful outcome would look like.

Bernardo Kastrup | Reality? It's All in Your Mind | Legalise Freedom Radio | Apr. 6, 2019

Source: legalise-freedom.com, bernardokastrup.com

Bernardo Kastrup discusses his book The Idea of the World: A Multi-disciplinary Argument for the Mental Nature of Reality.

In his most cogent and compelling work to date, Kastrup’s theory of reality offers a grounded alternative to the frenzy of unrestrained abstractions and unexamined assumptions in philosophy and science today. The Idea of the World makes a rigorous case for the primacy of mind in nature, examining what can be learned about the nature of reality based on conceptual parsimony, straightforward logic, and empirical evidence from fields as diverse as physics and neuroscience. It compiles an overarching case for idealism – the notion that reality is essentially mental.

The author begins by exposing the logical fallacies and internal contradictions of the reigning physicalist paradigm and popular alternatives such as panpsychism. The main objections to idealism are also systematically refuted. The book closes with an analysis of the hidden psychological motivations behind mainstream physicalism and the implications of idealism for the way we relate to each other and the world. The view of reality presented here makes sense of the many mysteries which mainstream materialist science simply cannot fathom. It reconciles the classical and quantum worlds and disposes of the so-called ‘hard problem’ of consciousness. It may even hold the secret to the origin and meaning of life.

download mp3

S0 News | Solar Watch, Hail Storms, Calm Before the Quake | Apr. 7, 2019

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Dark Journalist & Dr. Joseph Farrell | X-Series 52: McCarthy The UFO File & MonMouth Army Base | Apr. 5, 2019

Source: DarkJournalist.com, gizadeathstar.com

In this fascinating episode Dark Journalist and his special guest Oxford Scholar and Giza Death Star Book Series author Dr. Joseph Farrell discuss his breakthrough new book on Joseph McCarthy and its revelations about the references in his committee investigations to espionage at a Top Secret Army Base called 'Fort Monmouth' in New Jersey.

Many of the interrogations were regarding information about the UFO File and Exotic Technology development in Black Projects related to Radar and Tesla Technology. Riveting with amazing new details, Farrell also discusses the phenomena of 'Occupation Money' that allowed a shadow money system to arise during World War Two and continue right up to the preent!

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt presents the groundbreaking X-SERIES that follows the X Steganography through the History of Political and Covert Esoteric Groups coordinating in a Stealth Program the Secret Work of the Mystery Schools X-Technology and Apotheum Reality Distortion.

Dane Wigington | Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News | Apr.6, 2019

Source: GeoengineeringWatch.org

How much effort is the power structure applying in the attempt to keep the US population pacified and complacent on countless fronts? From keeping US food stores stocked with imported supplies produced by starving countries to engineering constant cool-down zones in the US, a sense of “normalcy bias” is being fed and sustained. When the rate and extent of biosphere collapse is considered, how long can the current paradigm be maintained?

Can populations be convinced to re-prioritize their time, efforts and energies, if they become convinced that their very lives depend on it? Should fighting for the future of our children, and the web of life on which their futures depend, be a top priority? Does such a question even need to be asked or answered? Our combined efforts could yet make a difference, but we must rise to the occasion now, not later. We must reach a critical mass of awareness with the population in regard to what is unfolding, this is the first and most critical leap in the right direction. Share credible data from a credible source, make every day count. -geoengineeringwatch.org

Time To Talk About The Silencing Of Max Igan with Max Igan! | Apr. 4, 2019

Source: kevbakershow.com, thecrowhouse.com

Max Igan joins me to discuss recent restrictions placed on his Youtube channel. We get into why he got censored & what it means for all of us going forward. -kevbakershow.com

New World Next Week | Glenn Greenbacks Completes the Edward Snowjob | Apr. 4, 2019

Source: NewWorldNextWeek.com, corbettreport.com, mediamonarchy.com

Story #1: Silencing the Whistle - The Intercept Shutters Snowden Archive, Citing Cost
NWNW Flashback: Reality Intercept_ed as Deep State Winner Busted (Jun. 8, 2017)

Story #2: US Refusal to Confirm or Deny It Put American Journalist on Drone Kill List Called 'Chilling'
US Spies Helped UAE Hack Phones of Al Jazeera Chairman, BBC Host & Other Journalists

Story #3: Forget 'Creepy' - Biden Has A Major Ukraine Problem
.@SenFeinstein told me she was surprised she went viral, because: "You know what somebody said to me?--I didn’t see any of this--they said anybody with a cell phone in their hand can get you on international news in two minutes. I never knew that."
Biden Accused By Two More Women of Inappropriate Touching
Biden Pledges In Video To Be More “Respectful” of Personal Space
NWNW Flashback: #CreepyJoeBiden and Lady Gaga to Establish Sexual Assault Centres (Nov. 16, 2017)

F. William Engdahl | China: Real Reason for US Venezuela Clash? | March 27, 2019

Source: gunsandbutter.org, williamengdahl.com

Discussion of the crisis and geopolitical stakes in Venezuela; evaluation of Venezuelan heavy oil reserves in its Orinoco Belt (now the Chavez Belt) and the far superior grade oil in the vast oil reserves of the Guyana Esequiba region;

China’s Belt and Road Initiative in South America and the Panama Canal; Bolton cites the Monroe Doctrine; presidency of Nicolas Maduro; Venezuelan state oil company, PDVSA; global oil prices; Venezuelan debt; Coltan deposits; long-term strategy of China’s Belt and Road Initiative; China adopts Western debt-collapse model; Chinese banking system and real estate market; the flawed globalization model. -gunsandbutter.org

Matt Landman | Geoengineering, EMF Radiation, 5G, & Frequency | March 28, 2019

Source: thehighersidechats.com, ActualActivists.com

Matt Landman of Frankenskies fame joins THC once again. This time to talk about his latest research into 5G, EMF radiation, smart cities, frequencies, and more.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | March 28, 2019

Source: gizadeathstar.com

As I said: "Watch Italy". Italy becomes the first G-7 country to join the Chinese one belt one road project, and are major fissures showing in the Tory party over Brexit?

Article: ‘Just jealous’: Italy responds to criticism for joining China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Lawrence Spencer | Alien Interview | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio

Source: veritasradio.com, AlienInterview.org

This is an exclusive new interview where we discuss recent research that expands upon information provided by US Army Air Force Nurse Matilda MacElory with Lawrence R. Spencer, editor of the book Alien Interview.

What evidence has been discovered that verifies or clarifies information revealed by the pilot of the 1947 Rowell UFO? We discuss recent research by former VERITAS guests, including Brien Foerster, Christopher Dunn, Michael Tellinger, the late Anthony West, Michael Cremo, Eric Von Daniken and others.

What are "The Domain" and the "Old Empire"? Why is a serpent the symbol of power on Earth? If a "false facade" of pyramids and megalithic stone civilizations were built using advanced technology, where are the tools used to build them? Is Earth being used as a "prison" by alien beings from other star systems?

Lawrence R. Spencer is the author of 8 books. His books explore facts and fantasies of universes, both physical and spiritual, including western history, art, mythology, personal spiritual immortality, logic and science fiction.

Mr. Spencer also has a special interest and expertise in the books of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to whom the book 'SHERLOCK HOLMES: MY LIFE' is a tribute.

As an accomplished oil painter himself, Mr. Spencer has made a ground breaking study of the life and paintings of the Dutch master Johannes Vermeer, about which the book 'VERMEER: PORTRAITS OF A LIFETIME' is written.

Mr. Spencer is also the Editor of the book ALIEN INTERVIEW, including transcripts, letters and personal notes provided by the late Army Air Force Nurse Matilda MacElroy concerning the Roswell UFO crash in 1947.

Mr. Spencer is a business consultant and multimedia producer. His Internet Blog contains personal commentary, literature and poetry about "LIFE, UNIVERSES and Other Stuff".

The "author" of 'ALIEN INTERVIEW] is the Roswell US Army Air Force Nurse, Matilda MacElroy. Lawrence R. Spencer organized and edited the material I received from her into a publishable format, and added footnotes for clarification and edification of the letters, notes and military interview transcripts she mailed to me shortly before her death.

Updated biography from Lawrence Spencer: Before my retirement I earned my living in California as a forest fire-fighter, hospital janitor. After college I was a retail shop manager (in Waikiki), then as a salesperson, semi-truck owner/operator, computer software developer, corporate executive in finance and advertising, and for many years as a consultant to chiropractors and other natural health care professionals and for small business owners including more than 60 business types.

All the while I enjoyed my interests as an oil painter, tennis player, and later as a researcher/author/publisher. I raised 4 children and have 4 grandchildren. I spent the last several years being a full-time care-giver in my home to my 94 year old mother who suffers from dementia, who is now in a private hospice care facility. My wife and I moved from California to a "Sun City" retirement community in Texas 6 months ago.
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