S0 News | NASA on Earth's Magnetic Shift, Water on Ceres | Aug. 11, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Max Igan | Police State Australia | Aug. 11, 2020

Source: thecrowhouse.com

Brien Foerster | Inside The Largest Pyramidal Structure In The World: Cholula In Mexico | Aug. 7, 2020

Source: hiddenincatours.com

Tom Campbell | PhDs, Synchronicities, and Nudges | Aug. 11, 2020

Source: my-big-toe.com

What’s up Doc? Well, here is what’s up with the Doc! The LCS had other plans. We all have intuition, most of us ignore it. There is after all, free will. (Consciousness, free will, and time are key elements to Tom’s logical big TOE, a big theory of everything.) But when you are an evolved being such as Tom Campbell, and your intuition is finely tuned after many life experience packets of making the best choices possible and acknowledging nudges, well, you pay attention.

In this virtual reality, which is the logical conclusion of Tom’s big theory, learning is the most important thing. Learning, growth, experiences, good choices, and evolving toward love.

From a teaching assistant in the physics department of a prestigious university, to Robert Monroe’s makeshift lab, the One, and My Big TOE, listen in to Tom’s very personal journey from graduate school to the award winning documentary Superhuman!

James Corbett | Shape of Compliance | Aug. 5, 2020

Source: ochelli.com, corbettreport.com

James Corbett spoke with Chuck about topics ranging from Eugenics and the snitch society to Black and Gray Markets. Can you wake up your friends and family? Plus Chuck asked James what he thought about the nearly 3,000-ton ammonium nitrate explosion in Beirut.

Show Notes: corbettreport.com

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Aug. 6, 2020

Source: gizadeathstar.com

Joseph begins by mentioning a video with reference to the Beirut explosion, and then gets down to main story, shared by M.W., about Blackstone's acquisition of a controlling stake in Ancestry.com, and an unusual patent:

1. The youtube video in Beirut
2. Blackstone and ancestry.com
3. A google patent on chloroquine compounds as radiation sickness therapy and DNA repairer

YouTube / Google Whistleblower Reveals A Dangerous Agenda! | Aug. 7, 2020

Source: Spiro Skouras youtube, zachvorhies.com

A former insider who worked at YouTube / Google, Zach Vorhies shares his story about what he uncovered while working for the tech giant.

Zach Vorhies became a whistleblower after he discovered what he believed to be high crimes committed by Google against entire nations, including the United States.

Google sent the police after Zach when they discovered he had taken over 950 pages of documents from the company which he handed over to the Department of Justice.

Mr. Zorhies also shares a plan to end the censorship and possibly break up the monopoly that has become possibly the most powerful corporation in the world, Google.

George Webb | Blackberries Matter: Hillary's Blackberries May Be The Heart Of The Matter | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio

Source: veritasradio.com

George Webb is network analyst turned Investigative journalist. The crimes of the DNC and Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election spurred Webb to start a research channel based on the work of Peter Schweitzer Clinton Cash. Webb states his YouTube channel of online researchers turned into a small army of investigators digging for the truth in 2017.

A February phone call with the legendary journalist Sy Hersh encourages Webb to "go on the road, and write a book". Four years and 4,000 videos later, chasing down every lead on the Hillary Clinton and DNC emails, Webb's YouTube Channel was destroyed by YouTube.

New World Next Week | Trust in News Media Continues to Plummet | Aug. 6, 2020

Source: NewWorldNextWeek.com, corbettreport.com, mediamonarchy.com

Story #1: State Attorneys General Urge U.S. to Let Other Firms Make Gilead COVID-19 Drug
Red Flags Soar As Big Pharma Will Be Exempt From COVID-19 Vaccine Liability Claims
AstraZeneca To Be Exempt From Coronavirus Vaccine Liability Claims In Most Countries
Fort Detrick, Gilead & the 9/11 Anthrax Attacks: All Roads Lead to Dark Winter

Story #2: Patreon’s Ban of Comic Owen Benjamin Could Cost Them $20 Million
PDF: Patreon’s Injunction Against Owen Benjamin Backers Denied

Story’ #3: “Sobering” Report Shows Hardening Attitudes Against Media
Ariana Pekary: Why I’m Leaving MSNBC - “This Cancer Stokes National Division”
WHO Issues Sobering Warning, Saying There May Never Be a Coronavirus Vaccine That Works Properly
Nicholas Sandmann Settles $250M Lawsuit with Washington Post
Neo-Nazis, Others Hold Massive Berlin Protest Against Virus Restrictions

S0 News | Solar Resonance, Jupiter Storms, The Astrosphere | Aug. 6, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Redice TV | Beirut Blast Aftermath, Oprah & George Floyd | Aug. 5, 2020

Source: redice.tv

Henrik cover the aftermath of the blast in Beirut, Oprah is once again charging poor white people for White privilege. We also talk about the 12 year old girl that was shot in Sweden, Chicago-Area leaders call for abolishing history classes & someone decided to grow the mystery seeds that was sent from China, this is what they turned into.

Joe Biden will not travel to Milwaukee for the Democratic National Convention & Minneapolis City Government tells residents to be ready to give up their phones and wallets and to always cooperate with criminals. We end on the leaked George Floyd body cam footage and a propaganda ridden commercial out of the UK. -redice.tv

Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen | Culture, Control, Crisis and Collapse | Legalise Freedom Radio

Source: legalise-freedom.com, bull-hansen.com

Bestselling Norwegian novelist Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen discusses humanity's present plight and what we may salvage from the past to save us in the future.

A deep malaise infects contemporary culture. Ever-greater tremors shake industrial civilization to its core. Societal disintegration looms large. In response, governments pursue ever-more draconian methods of control. Our fundamental freedoms are undermined by gathering oppression, our minds clouded by propaganda and lies.

All of these are symptoms of a shattered psyche, a disconnection from the natural world and the vast web of life, and a disenchanted view of the cosmos. If we are to survive and thrive in future, we must remember what we have forgotten and, with humility, understand how much we still have to learn. -legalise-freedom.com

Download MP3

Linda Moulton Howe | Interview w/Celestine Star on Reptilians, Cattle Mutilations, Loud Jet Noises & Q&A | Aug. 5, 2020

Source: earthfiles.com

More strange jet sounds in Manizales, Columbia
- Similar to June 23, 2020 loud jet sound from Austria
- Also metallic sound, like trumpets in the middle of the night

Eerie animal mutilations in Oregon and England
- Black Angus “died in a position she couldn’t have gotten into by herself”
- “tongue was excised and her udder and vaginal tissue removed, all without blood”

Interview with Celestine Star, ex-wife of Ernest Robert Hunt, former Flight Chief of Edwards AFB
- “Home was tapped, because everything was being recorded”
- “reptilians…those reptilians”
- vast caverns under Edwards AFB
- “there was a reptilian being”…”sharp claw-like hands”
- “the eyes, yellow”.. “they had a slit in the eye”
- “it is about the control of the Earth”
- “I know that there are special that our Government is working with”

G. Edward Griffin | The COVID/U.N. Takeover, BLM/Antifa Revolution & the Way Forward | Aug. 6, 2020

Source: guadalajarageopolitics.com

G. Edward Griffin examines how COVID-19 is being used as a pretext to strip away freedoms and move us toward supranational government. He comments on the Marxist revolutionary movement of BLM and Antifa in America, something which he predicted in detail in a 1969 lecture titled "More Deadly Than War."

He assesses the grim and "Pessimistic Scenario" we are moving toward and considers we are truly in a "life and death" situation. Nevertheless, with great cheer he inspires and urges people to continue fighting tyranny.

Show Notes:
The UN: An International Coalition Government – G. Edward Griffin
More Deadly Than War – A Lecture by G. Edward Griffin
“Deception Was My Job” or “Soviet Subversion of the Free World Press

Caroline Cory & Tom Campbell | Consciousness is Fundamental | Aug. 5, 2020

Source: mybigTOE.com, superhumanfilm.com

"Superhuman" is a provocative award-winning documentary that provides tangible evidence for the powers of the human mind over matter.

Through ground-breaking scientific experiments and real-life demonstrations, viewers will find themselves connecting the dots about the relationship between mind and matter and discover whether they live in a simulated matrix or if they can have any control over their physical reality.

Physicist, consciousness researcher, author of the My Big TOE trilogy and international lecturer, describes the nature of our larger reality, provides a complete theory of consciousness, and explains our purpose and connection to that larger reality. Along the way, Campbell derives a more fundamental science that directly answers the most pressing problems and paradoxes of modern physics.

Caroline Cory’s film “Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible: www.superhumanfilm.com

The Corbett Report | Don't Do Your Own Research!!! - #PropagandaWatch | Aug. 5, 2020

Source: corbettreport.com

Do your own research! Read it for yourself! It’s in the show notes! How many times have I uttered these words? These exhortations represent the founding ethos of The Corbett Report. I want you to read the source documents for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

But guess what? The establishment doesn’t want you to think for yourself, and now that the Corona World Order is beginning the Great Reset, they are coming out and saying as much. Find out the details in this week’s edition of #PropagandaWatch. -corbettreport.com

Chris Cuomo CNN LIES And Says Reading Wikileaks Is Illegal
You Must Not ‘Do Your Own Research’ When It Comes To Science
Fluoride on The Corbett Report
Dr Fauci says you don’t need to wear a mask
Fauci gets upset with GOP lawmaker’s question about masks
WATCH: Rep. Jim Jordan asks Dr. Fauci if nationwide protests helped spread the coronavirus
Medical Martial Law 2020

S0 News | NASA Chem Spray, Odd Galaxies, Forecast: Sun/Earth | Aug. 5, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Jacques Vallee | The Strange UFO Case of Juan Perez | Coast To Coast AM

Source: coasttocoastam.com

COAST TO COAST AM - Jacques Vallee speculated that the alien beings may be able to present any appearance of themselves that they choose. In Stivelman's new documentary, the aliens are depicted as luminous beings.

The cutting of the animal aboard the ship possibly relates to the mysterious cases of animal mutilation, Vallee added, and Perez's horse, which he tied to the ship's ladder, died within a week of the encounter, though Perez did not seem to suffer any ill effects.

However, after the event, Perez began to have disturbing precognitive dreams that presaged deaths and accidents of those around him. "For him," Stivelman noted, "rather than a gift, it was more like a curse." Stivelman also met with indigenous South American shamans to learn their perspective on UFO encounters. One told him that these experiences were dualistic-- with both good and evil sides, so they should be approached with caution and that Perez's experience could be considered a kind of shamanic initiation.

Richard Dolan | The New York Times & UFO Disclosure | What's Really Going on? | Aug. 4, 2020

Source: richarddolanpress.com

The UFO community has been rocked by more information coming out of the New York Times in the form of claims that briefings have been made at the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill about "retrievals from off world vehicles not made on this earth.” What is really going on? Richard comes on for an extended solo analysis.

S0 News | Electric Event, Rings and Spirals, Sunspots | Aug. 4, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Diana Johnstone | Memoir of a World Watcher | Guns & Butter

Source: gunsandbutter.org, Information Machine

We discuss Diana Johnstone’s memoir, "Circle in the Darkness"; Yugoslavia under Tito; bombing of Serbia; Camp Bondsteel; spook revelation journalism; Paris in 1968; anti-war movement of the ‘60s;

legacy of Charles de Gaulle; Europe occupied since WWII; the Greens; Maastricht and Lisbon Treaties; neoliberal counterrevolution in the 1980s; finance capital; internationalism v nationalism; privatization; financial institutions living off of sovereign debt; austerity;

Yellow Vests a revival of an economic left; Antifa enforcing the establishment position; Responsibility to Protect (R2P) a rule to break national sovereignty; destruction of Libya by NATO; new phase of capitalism called ‘green’; censorship of intellectual discussion.

Max Igan | Humanity Is Under Attack | Aug. 3, 2020

Source: thecrowhouse.com

S0 News | Solar Wind, Freshwater Changes, Extinction Review | Aug. 3, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

David Icke, Brian Rose | London Real Interview | V: The Answer | Aug. 2, 2020

Source: londonreal.tv, davidicke.com

London Real Interview with David Icke (02/08/2020)

Dark Journalist X-93 | Dr. Joseph Farrell Deep State X Space Wars! | Aug. 1, 2020

Source: darkjournalist.com, gizadeathstar.com

Dark Journalist welcomes back Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell for a deep dive on Covert Space Wars and Deep State players as the UFO XTech battle rolls out behind the scenes with CIA soft disclosure being pushed in public. They'll also cover strange reports of weather modification and the destination of the mysterious Nazi Bell weapons project!

Maxwell Court Documents: Who is Going Down? Clinton, Dershowitz, More Names.. with Ryan Dawson | Part 1/2 | Aug. 3, 2020

Source: Sarah Westall youtube

Independent film maker and investigative journalist, Ryan Dawson, joins the program to discuss the recently released court documents from the Ghislaine Maxwell case.

We discuss the details outlined in those documents as well as many more facts from the other cases that have been filed against Epstein.

Lastly, we discuss what the new wave of over 100 witnesses will bring forward and how this blackmail pedophile ring was used for intelligence agencies. -Sarah Westall

Dr. Andrew Kaufman | The Truth About Viruses & Infectious Diseases! | July 31, 2020

Source: extremehealthradio.com, AndrewKaufmanMD.com

Today we had Dr. Andrew Kaufmann MD on the show to talk about what this cupcake virus actually is, how it spreads, if it’s real and so much more.

We also talked about the PCR test, antibody testing, what exosomes are and even the efficacy of wearing masks.

Liberals and conservatives will all agree that there is not a consensus of agreement with regards to whatever it is that’s happening in our world right now.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman talks about Koch’s postulates and how the first item on the list of postulates can’t even be proven….that is the isolation of this virus itself.

Not only can that not be 100% proven, it can’t also be proven that this virus is 100% responsible for causing any kind of illness or sickness, let alone death.

Only watch or listen to this podcast interview with Dr. Kaufman if you have an open mind.

If you are easily offended and have a hard time accepting ideas that are not from the mainstream media, then this show and podcast is definitely not for you!

For those looking for the truth and are willing to take full responsibility for their health, you’ll love this interview with Dr. Andrew Kaufman! -extremehealthradio.com

download mp3

S0 News | Nova Survivors, Ocean Shift, Space Butterfly | July 31, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Mike King | The Purge 2020 | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio

Source: veritasradio.com, RealHistoryChannel.org

M. S. King is a private investigative journalist and researcher based in the New York City area. A 1987 graduate of Rutgers University, King's subsequent 30 year career in Marketing & Advertising has equipped him with a unique perspective when it comes to understanding how "public opinion" is indeed scientifically manufactured.

Madison Ave marketing acumen combines with 'City Boy' instincts to make M.S. King one of the most tenacious detectors of "things that don't add up" in the world today. Says King of his admitted quirks, irreverent disdain for "conventional wisdom", and uncanny ability to ferret out and weave together important data points that others miss: "Had Sherlock Holmes been an actual historical personage, I would have been his reincarnation."

King is also the author of The War Against Putin: What the Government- Media Complex Isn't Telling You About Russia. King's other interests include: the animal kingdom, philosophy, chess, cooking, literature and history (with emphasis on events of the late 19th through the 20th centuries).

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | July 30, 2020

Source: gizadeathstar.com

Well, while we've been focusing on China, Indian media has been focusing on Russia, and this one, while short, may turn out to be a sign of significant developments to come:

Article: In another setback to China, Russia suspends deliveries of S-400 surface-to-air missiles

New World Next Week | Weird Seeds Being Planted in the Cold War Zeitgeist | July 30, 2020

Source: NewWorldNextWeek.com, corbettreport.com, mediamonarchy.com

Story #1: Boris Johnson Set to Overhaul Britain's Treason Laws
Pompeo Lays Out New US Cold War Against China
QGR UK ‘Russia Report’ Fear-Mongers About Meddling Yet Finds No Evidence

Story #2: Gold’s Record Price Is All About Currency Debasement
Never Before Has So Much Stimulus Been Injected In The Economy In A Single Quarter
Gold Futures Hit $2000 After US Mint Reduces Bullion Coin Supplies
Bank of England Governor Signals Central Bank Digital Currency is Coming

Story #3: Coin Shortage - COVID-19 Shutdowns Have Created Shortage of Coins
One Chick-Fil-A Franchise Is Offering Free Food For Your Coins
Seeds from China: USDA Says Don't Plant Unsolicited Package of Seeds
Ag Warfare? People Receiving Mysterious, Unsolicited Packages Of Seeds In Mail From China
Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein: Can Prosecutors Compel Him to Talk?
'Anti-Feminist Lawyer' Identified As Primary Suspect In Shooting At Federal Judge Esther Salas' Home
Alleged Salas Family Assailant Previously Worked for US/Israeli Intelligence-Linked Firm

Truthstream Media | It's Time to Revisit "The Truman Show" | July 29, 2020

Source: TruthstreamMedia.com

Dr. Rima E. Laibow | The Vinny Eastwood Show | July 30, 2020

Source: thevinnyeastwoodshow.com, OpenSourceTruth.com, TruthAboutCoronaVirus.com

Linda Moulton Howe | Pentagon U.F.O Unit, Mars Missions, Interview w/Remote Viewer “Lyn” Buchanan & Q&A | July 29, 2020

Source: earthfiles.com


UFO Unit at Pentagon will publish its findings
- Former Senator Harry Reid - “UFOs are advanced technologies from another planet”
- Eric Davis on meta materials - “We could not make it ourselves”. “Off-world vehicles not made on this earth”
- Micron-layered Bismuth/Magensium/Zinc material
- Linda has been investigating this material for the last 24 years.
- One piece sold to TTSA last year.
- TTSA is now collaborating with the US Army to investigate the material.

Elon Musk plans to send 1 million people to Mars by 2050
- Tomorrow, July 30, USA to launch Mars “Perseverance” rover.
- To land in Jezero crater on Mars which used to contain a lake.
- Test flights of new “Ingenuity” helicopter to take place

Interview with Leonard “Lyn” Buchanan
- Former US Army Sgt First Class, worked controlled remote viewer (CRV)
- Project Star Gate investigated the ability of human minds to see events, sites, or information from a great distance
- Project Sun Streak - DIA manual for remote viewing
- Star Gate shut down in 1991
- Countless greys from all over. “Non-psychic ETs are here for trade.”
- “Trade with friendly ETs, all different types of ETs”
- “Life on earth in 2050. Virtually no cities around. Population was so small. It was an agrarian society.”
- “Massive reduction in population.”
- There is other life on Mars and all over the universe.

S0 News | Recurring Nova, Ancient & Alien Life | July 29, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Brien Foerster | Megalithic Aspects Of Uxmal In Mexico Built Before The Maya Arrived | July 27, 2020

Source: hiddenincatours.com

Jason Bermas | Why Is Bill Gates So Happy About All This Watch Along | July 27, 2020

Source: Jason Bermas youtube

Why Is Bill Gates So Happy About All This Watch Along.

Suspicious0bservers | How The Sun Makes Earthquakes | July 27, 2020

Source: suspicious0bservers.org

Former CIA officer Kevin Shipp Unloads on The Shadow Government, Exotic Weapons and Covert Budgets | July 23, 2020

Source: Health Ranger @Brighteon

 Health Ranger, Mike Adams interviews Kevin Shipp.

S0 News | Sun, Climate, Earthquakes, Geo-Engineering | July 27, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Dark Journalist | X-Protect: UFO File Assassins | July 26, 2020

Source: darkjournalist.com

Dark Journalist debuts his new breakthrough documentary that uncovers startling information about an unkown group of Aerospace agents that have controlled the crucial geopolitical events of the last 70 years to protect the secret of the UFO File. Amazing new information on Howard Hughes, Litton Industries, RFK assassin Thane Eugene Cesar, the Pascagoula UFO incident, MKULTRA and more.

Breakthrough Documentary Includes:
Pascagoula UFO Incident
UFO File
Howard Hughes UFO Secret
Litton Industries
Lockheed Defense Contractors
False Disclosure
Aerospace Hidden Technology
Aerospace Assassins
Thane Eugene Cesar

Jeff Rense & David Icke | His New Book ‘The Answer’ And The CV PsyOp | July 24, 2020

Source: Rense.com

This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 07-24-20 with Guest David Icke.

Bruce Fenton | Exogenesis: Hybrid Humans, Ancient Aliens, & The Mothership | July 25, 2020

Source: thehighersidechats.com, Bruce Fenton Twitter

Bruce R. Fenton is a British multidisciplinary scientific researcher and media personality. Born in the historic English town of Cheltenham, England, he studied Information Systems at Anglia Ruskin University before working in global finance and real estate.

Fenton, is an explorer best known for his expeditions to megalithic constructions in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle and ancient ruins in the Georgian Caucasus. His adventures have featured in the UK Telegraph & Daily Mail newspapers as well as on the Science Channel.

Most recently he has made several appearances on the flagship History Channel show Ancient Aliens, featuring as a guest expert for seasons 14 & 15. His thoughts and findings have been shared on dozens of radio shows around the world.

He has two books available for purchase, The Forgotten Exodus: The Into Africa Theory of Human Evolution (foreword by Graham Hancock) and Exogenesis: Hybrid Humans: A Scientific History of Extraterrestrial Genetic Manipulation (foreword by Erich von Daniken).

S0 News | Pre-Quake Electromagnetic Signals, Climate Laziness | July 24, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

How They Pulled Off The 'Plandemic' | An Animated Film Explanation by David Icke | July 24, 2020

Source: davidicke.com

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | July 23, 2020

Source: gizadeathstar.com


EMERGENCY BRIEF: China has stopped publishing inflow data to Three Gorges Reservoir

If you know more about disasters and how economy or food prices internationally may spike because of this event, please leave comments below.

I am watching in real time the almost complete destruction of China's central grow region as emergency warnings are given as engineers blow dam after dam and levy after levy to evacuate major cities and farm lands with livestock.

What I am watching will have an effect on you in the US, but I am not sure the lag time from these unbelievable events that are out of a Hollywood movie and real price increases and finance shocks.
Start with this video the the afternoon update from Taiwan and this is a live feed of the Three Gorges Dam

Airang News , TVBS in Taiwan and CBC news are all covering the thousand year floods sweeping China live. This is unprecedented the scale of damage to China.

More flood videos and information
China blasting dams

Brien Foerster | A Thorough Exploration Of The Megalithic Osirion At Abydos In Egypt: Pre-Dynastic Masterpiece | July 23, 2020

Source: hiddenincatours.com

Dr. Andrew Kaufman Responds To Reuters Fact Check on COVID-19 Vaccine Genetically Modifying Humans

Source: activistpost.com, andrewkaufmanmd.com

In this interview, Dr. Andrew Kaufman joins Spiro for a second time. The first time Dr. Kaufman joined Spiro, they talked about topics that apparently, nobody is allowed to talk about, if you dare question the official story that is.

In the first interview the two discussed the coronavirus, they covered testing and they covered the vaccine. The video was quickly approaching 100k views but YouTube removed the video after only a couple days. This video will likely be taken down as well, because it does not conform to the establishment's narrative.

Not only did YouTube remove the previous video, Reuters, which is a massive international news publication that news sites from all over the world obtain their talking points from, published a fact checking report attempting to debunk Dr. Kaufman's claims that the new COVID-19 DNA vaccine would genetically modify humans. In this must see report, Dr Kaufman responds to the Reuters ‘fact checking’ report. -activistpost.com

Show Notes:
Doctor Andrew Kaufman Website
False claim: A COVID-19 vaccine will genetically modify humans
DNA, RNA and protein – the Central Dogma
The Emerging Role of DNA Vaccines
Advancing Novel Experimental Gene-based COVID-19 Vaccine, AAVCOVID
Adenovirus DNA Replication
CRISPR-Cas9: Gene Drives
Antisperm Contraceptive Vaccines: Where we are and where we are going?
The HSD-hCG Vaccine Prevents Pregnancy in Women: Feasibility Study of a Reversible Safe Contraceptive Vaccine
Development of antifertility vaccine using sperm specific proteins
State Bar Group Calls for 'Mandatory' COVID-19 Vaccinations, Regardless of Objections
AstraZeneca CEO Soriot says fast-tracked COVID-19 shot will protect for just one year
New COVID-19 restrictions will be needed for anti-vaxxers
Colorado Bill Would Require “Re-Education” Classes for Parents Who Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine
MLAs vote to drop notwithstanding clause from mandatory vaccination bill
Among Americans who say they wouldn't get vaccinated, 7 in 10 worry about safety
There appears to be a coronavirus vaccine on the horizon—but it’s a GMO and the FDA would need to approve testing
GMO tomato as edible COVID vaccine? Mexican scientists work to make it a reality

S0 News | Sun Triggers Earthquakes, Many Recurrent Novae, Hurricanes | July 23, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Linda Moulton Howe | Interview w/RN Lynn Monet "Invisible Entity Experience", UAE Mars Launch, Chat Q&A | July 22, 2020

Source: earthfiles.com

COVID-19 Update:
- Vaccine trials under way
- July 20, Lancet reports 1,077 injected with vaccine. Results are positive, induces immune response.
- 140,000 vaccines in developments, only 23 being tested on humans
- More than 100,000 reported cases each day.
- Over 15 million people currently infected.
- Over 625,000 people have died to date.
- 29 States require the use of masks in public sites and gatherings

Mars rocket launches:
- UAE rocket blasts off July 19, 2020, headed for Mars.
- Set to land on Mars in 7 months.
- China to launch on July 23. Carrying ground penetrating radar.
- USA to launch on July 30. Large “Perseverance” rover on board.

Mage, Brazil follow-up with “Psychic X”
- Sixth Mass extinction, estimated to be only 25,000 polar bears remaining.
- Aliens trying to collect animals before they disappear.

Invisible Entity Experiences:
- Interview with Lynn Monet, professional nurse
- Wrote “Omnipresent” book.
- Able to perceive frequencies most humans cannot.

S0 News | M7.8 Earthquake, A Proper Sunspot, eBOSS | July 22, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

The Corbett Report | WHO Cares What Celebrities Think - #PropagandaWatch | July 22, 2020

Source: corbettreport.com

WHO cares what celebrities think? WHO cares, that's who! Or, more to the point, WHO wants you to care what they think. Join James for this week's #PropagandaWatch as he peels back the layers on the WHO's "celebrity influencer" propaganda campaign. -corbettreport.com

Show Notes: 
Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Segment 4, Communications Discussion and Epilogue Video
Tom Hanks gives new coronavirus update, jokes about no longer loving his Corona typewriter
Tom Hanks “201” gin rummy tweet
Celebrities Perform Virtual ‘One World’ Concert: ‘A Love Letter to the World’
Celebrities #PasstheMic to Experts on COVID-19 | ONE World
World Health Organization Hired PR Firm To Identify Celebrity ‘Influencers’ To Amplify Virus Messaging
Exhibit A to Registration Statement
Episode 343 – Debunking A Century of War Lies
‘Millionaires singing about “no possessions” from their mansions isn’t easing my anxiety’: Gal Gadot and her A-List pals branded ‘out of touch’ by social media users after ‘cringe-worthy’ viral rendition of Imagine

Michael Schratt | DARK FILES a Pictorial History of UFO | July 21, 2020

Source: Martin Willis Live Shows youtube

Michael Schratt discusses his new illustrated book, DARK FILES: A Pictorial History of Lost Forgotten and Obscure UFO Encounters. This book covers the work he did between 2008 and 2009, as he meticulously reviewed a minimum of 50,000 cases which were preserved at the CUFOS (Center for UFO Studies). He discusses several unusual cases in his book and much more.

Michael Schratt (private pilot/aviation historian) has been investigating UFO encounters for over 25 years. Between 2008 and 2009, Michael meticulously reviewed a minimum of 50,000 cases which were preserved at the CUFOS (Center for UFO Studies) archives in Chicago.

In an effort to maintain an important part of our national history, Michael has re-created dozens of highly credible UFO cases by the use of drawings, illustrations and commissioned artwork. Many of these include USO (Unidentified Submerged Objects), actual extraterrestrial encounters, and pre-history UFO cases which have never seen the light of day.

Michael has appeared on multiple media platforms including the following: Coast to Coast AM, History Channel, Paranormal Matrix, UFO Hunters, Fade to Black. In addition, Michael has been a guest speaker at multiple UFO conferences including the following: Phoenix MUFON, Orange County MUFON, International UFO Congress, MUFON Symposium and UFO CON.

S0 News | Time, Earth Axis Monitor, Venus, Mars, Cosmos | July 21, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Brien Foerster | Exploring Seti 1 Temple At Abydos In Egypt With Mohamed Fahmy Egyptologist | July 21, 2020

Source: hiddenincatours.com

Patrick Wood, Spiro Skouras | The Global Elite & The Coronavirus Coup D'état | July 21, 2020

Source: Spiro Skouras youtube, technocracy.news, citizensforfreespeech.org, Patrick Wood Twitter

In this interview, Spiro is joined by Patrick Wood who is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy.

Spiro and Patrick Wood discuss what is technocracy, who are the technocrats and what is their agenda.

The two also analyze how the social engineers have positioned themselves to capitalize upon this manufactured crisis to implement their technocratic agenda.

Corbett Report | How Do I Wake Up My Friends and Family? - Questions For Corbett | July 20, 2020

Source: corbettreport.com

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is how someone can wake up their friend, family member or coworker. It is, of course, and unanswerable question, but I gained a new insight into the question of waking up recently that might help us understand and approach the question in a different way . . . -corbettreport.com

Max Igan | And This Is All Just The Beginning | July 19, 2020

Source: thecrowhouse.com

Former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney: RUSSIA DID NOT HACK THE DNC | July 15, 2020

Source: lpac.co

Former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney, who worked at the NSA for 32 years, was interviewed on July 15, 2020 by the Burke for Senate campaign.

Binney discussed his proofs that there was no Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee resulting in the WikiLeaks documents which became the foundation of Russiagate. Donald Trump sensed Binney was right and asked Mike Pompeo to debrief him.

Pompeo covered up what Binney said because, ultimately, it would lead right back to Pompeo’s sponsors in the National Security State. Binney also describes Thin Thread, the surveillance program which would have stopped 9/11 without sacrificing the Fourth Amendment.

Having personally viewed and documented the emergence of the totalitarian surveillance state in the wake of 9/11, Binney says the United States is at as an important moment in our history as Lincoln faced at Gettysburg and if citizens don't act, we could lose the country. - https://lpac.co

S0 News | Galaxy Glitches, Fukushima, Big Earthquake | July 17, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Max Igan | Selling The Second Wave to Extend (Keep) The Lockdowns | July 17, 2020

Source: thecrowhouse.com

Clif High | Critical thinking | July 16, 2020

Source: halfpasthuman.com

Discussion about SOME of the deep shit that is happening at twitter RIGHT NOW ! Yes, ALL of twitter MUST be presumed to have been exposed, if not compromised !

It is exactly the same type of attack that stole my account a couple of months back along with others who were also tweeting about #CCPVIRUS & the CCP rounding up vitamins in quantity for the PLA due to COVID. -Clif High

Celeste Solum | The Socialist PSYOPS Operationalized During COVID | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio

Source: veritasradio.com, shepherdsheart.life

Celeste has worked as a contractor for Homeland Security and FEMA. Her training and activations include the infamous day of 911, flood and earthquake operations, mass casualty exercises, and numerous other operations.

Celeste is a Key Note Speaker at the 2020 True Legends Ancient Catacylsms and Coming Catastrophes, Live Stream Event Due to CV.

Celeste is the author of two books: Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Solutions that explores natural foods and supplement that protect you from 5G, cosmic ray radiation, and nuclear and radiological events.

Seven Thunders Revealed explores the biblical prophetic narrative of Seven Thunders that has remained a secret and mystery until today.

Celeste is FEMA certified and has completed the Professional Development Emergency Management Series.
- Train-the-Trainer
- Incident Command
- Integrated EM: Preparedness, Response, Recovery, Mitigation
- Emergency Plan Design including all Emergency Support Functions
- Principles of Emergency Management
- Developing Volunteer Resources
- Emergency Planning and Development
- Leadership and Influence, Decision Making in Crisis
- Exercise Design and Evaluation
- Public Assistance Applications Emergency Operations Interface Public Information Officer
- Flood Fight Operations
- Domestic Preparedness for Weapons of Mass Destruction
- Incident Command (ICS-NIMS)
- Multi-Hazards for Schools
- Rapid Evaluation of Structures-Earthquakes
- Weather Spotter for National Weather Service
- Logistics, Operations, Communications
- Community Emergency Response Team Leader
- Behavior Recognition

Celeste grew up in military & governmental home with her father working for the Naval Warfare Center, and later as Assistant Director for Public Lands and Natural Resources, in both Washington State and California.

Celeste also has training and expertise in small agricultural lobbying, Integrative/Functional Medicine, asymmetrical and symmetrical warfare, and Organic Farming.

Brien Foerster | Elongated Skulls Of The Ancients; Akhenaten, The Paracas And The Black Sea Connection | July 17, 2020

Source: hiddenincatours.com

New World Next Week | The People Win As Serbians Force Government to Scrap Curfew | July 16, 2020

Source: NewWorldNextWeek.com, corbettreport.com, mediamonarchy.com

Story #1: Africa To Be Testing Ground for “Trust Stamp” Vaccine Record, Payment System
Gavi and Mastercard Join Forces to Reach More Children With Lifesaving Vaccines

Story #2: Serbia Scraps Curfew Plan For Belgrade After Protests
Keith Knight and James Corbett Dissect Voluntary Servitude

Story #3: DAN DICKS CENSORED - The Press For Truth YouTube Channel Has Been PERMANENTLY DELETED!!!
Dan Dicks’ Press For Truth

S0 News | Helix Magnetism, Dusty Plasma, Catch Up | July 16, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Peter Koenig, Michel Chossudovsky | The COVID-19 Lockdown: Economic & Social Impacts | The Global Research Report | July 15, 2020

Source: globalresearch.ca

Press For Truth Gets Banned By YouTube | Dan Dicks Responds | July 16, 2020

Source: Spiro Skouras youtube, pressfortruth.ca

As tyranny continues to march forward, so does censorship. We have seen many people’s entire YouTube channels deleted, removed in an attempt to control the publics perception of reality, by controlling their access to information.

We have seen Alex jones, David Icke and many, many others completely removed from the YouTube platform. Regardless of whether or not we agree with what previously banned accounts have said, we must support their right to say it.

That being said, Youtube just deleted Dan Dick’s entire Press For Truth YouTube channel. In this interview, Spiro is joined by Dan Dicks of Press For Truth to explain what happened in addition to providing his response and possible solution to YouTube's censorship.

Support & Follow Dan Dicks & Press For Truth

Support & Follow Activist Post

Gary Lachman | Esoteric History, Occult Politics and Holy Russia | July 16, 2020

Source: legalise-freedom.com, garylachman.co.uk

Gary Lachman discusses his book The Return of Holy Russia – Apocalyptic History, Mystical Awakening, and the Struggle for the Soul of the World.

Lachman’s latest work explores how mystical and spiritual influences have shaped Russia’s identity and politics, and what it means for our future. At the turn of the 20th century, Russia was undergoing a powerful spiritual and cultural rebirth.

It was a time of magic and mysticism that saw a resurgence of interest in the occult and a creative intensity not seen in the West since the Renaissance. This was the time of the God-Seekers, pilgrims of the soul and explorers of the spirit who sought the salvation of the world through art and ideas.

These sages and their visions of Holy Russia are returning to prominence now through Russian president Vladimir Putin, who, inspired by their ideas, envisions a new ‘Eurasian’ civilization with Russia as its leader. -legalise-freedom.com

download mp3

Red Ice TV | No-Go Zone: Maxwell Denied Bail, Tucker Cucked, Covid Lies, Nick Cannon & Reparations | July 15, 2020

Source: redice.tv

Henrik covers the latest important news in episode 20 of No-Go Zone.

Linda Moulton Howe | Interview w/Montauk Air Base Radio Analyst "Jane Doe", Comet NEOWISE, Viewer Letter | July 15, 2020

Source: earthfiles.com


Interview with “Jane Doe”
- “Jane Doe” who worked at Montauk Air Force station
- US Air Force called her a “scanner”
- Uncle monitored UFOs. US government wanted to “shoot down” UFOs to reverse engineer their technology.
- “They wanted the ship”
- “Little greys are grown in pods”

Baron “Buddy” Bolton Mage Brasil, remote viewing follow-up
- JOSAP acronym? JASAP - Julie Automatic Search and Attack Protocol

- First seen by March 27, 2020 by NASA’s NEOWISE Space Telescope
- 3-miles in diameter
- UAE Hope Spacecraft
- China’s Mars mission
- NASA to launch Perseverance rover to search for life on Mars

Email from Earthfiles viewer recounts their experiences.

Live Chat Q&A

S0 News | The Sun to Awaken, Gamma Burst, Climate Report | July 15, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

The Corbett Report | Will Genetically Modified Humans Be Patented? - Questions For Corbett | July 15, 2020

Source: corbettreport.com

Will the genetically modified humans of our dystopian future be patented by corporations? Join James for this week's Question For Corbett where he explores the very real legal precedents for what many would dismiss as science fiction fantasy. -corbettreport.com

Show Notes:
Open Seeds: Biopiracy and the Patenting of Life
Episode 360 – Steal This Podcast (Please!)
Lawsuit against Myriad Genetics
US Code Title 35 Section 101 – Inventions Patentable
7 Takeaways From Supreme Court’s Gene Patent Decision
Myriad Genetics case decision
EP 1 375 512 B1 Infectious cDNA of an approved vaccine strain of measles virus. Use for immunogenic compositions
The NIH claims joint ownership of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine
NIH Statement to Axios
RNA vaccines: an introduction
What you always needed to know about electroporation based DNA vaccines
Could a patent get in between you and a Covid-19 test? Yes
Scientist Announces Gene-Edited Babies, Goes Missing – #NewWorldNextWeek

Catherine Austin Fitts | The Facts on Masks with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny | Part 1 & 2 | July 14, 2020

Source: Solari.com

From Dr. Tenpenny:
The Psychological Manipulation of Universal Masking
Update: Why Face Masks Don’t Work: A Revealing Review
Masks Don’t Work: A Review of Science Relevant to COVID-19 Social Policy
Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus?
Dr. Jack Kruse Tweet
Special Interview With Dr. Russell Blaylock on Face Masks And COVID-19

From Catherine Austin Fitts:
LOCKDOWN LUNACY: the thinking person’s guide
Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy
Facts about Covid-19 from Swiss Policy Research
St. Louis Gun Owners

From Group seeking Global Mask Mandate:
The Science Behind #Masks4All

Part 2

Jason Bermas, Dan Dicks | Freedom Of Speech Apparently Not A Press For Truth! | July 14, 2020

Source: Jason Bermas youtube, pressfortruth.ca

The Corbett Report | Conspiracy Theorists Are Wrong!!! . . . Even When They're Right! - #PropagandaWatch | July 14, 2020

Source: corbettreport.com

We tend to think the propagandists are self-consciously lying to the public, but there are moments when the mask slips and we see that the most effective propagandists are the ones that actually believe their own lies. Today we look at one such moment of zen. -corbettreport.com

Show Notes:
Dark Mirror: Edward Snowden and the American Surveillance State
Episode 265 – The Myth of Journalistic Objectivity
NSA spied on its own employees, other U.S. intelligence personnel, journalists, and members of Congress
May 18-19, 2016 — Newly-released Snowden disclosures verify NSA’s FIRSTFRUIT database

Jason Bermas | Epstein Update Will Ghislaine BE QUEEN FOR A DAY? Why This May Be A TERRIBLE THING! | July 13, 2020

Source: Jason Bermas youtube, Jason Bermas Twitter

SGT Report | The Big Club - A SGT Report Micro-Doc | July 13,2020

Source: sgtreport.com

This is a SGT Report Micro documentary. The past is prologue, it provides context for where we find ourselves today. And the "big club", as George Carlin coined it, is far more vast and deeply rooted in evil than we could have ever imagined. -sgtreport.com

S0 News | Weather Alert, Terrestrial Gamma Flashes, Climate Science | July 13, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Corbett Report | Tyrants HATE This 500 Year Old Trick for Ending Tyranny | July 13, 2020

Source: corbettreport.com

Keith Knight of Don‘t Tread on Anyone interviews James Corbett about The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude, the 16th century treatise on tyranny and obedience by Étienne de La Boétie. James and Keith highlight some of the book’s key insights and detail how they apply every much to our situation today as they did when they were written.

Show Notes:
Keith Knight Don’t Tread on Anyone
Who Is Bill Gates?
The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh
The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude
Stephan Kinsella “Legislation and the Discovery of Law in a Free Society
Solutions: Laughing At Tyrants
Solutions: Agorism

Spiro Skouras | How The 'Great Reset' Is Targeting Our Children & Plans To 'Reimagine' Humanity | July 13, 2020

Source: Spiro Skouras youtube

As we find ourselves in this new normal, we have seen long standing agendas, which have remained behind the scenes, hidden away from the public, now being offered as solutions justified by this crisis.

The World Economic Forum's 'Great Reset' and the '4th Industrial Revolution' are perfect examples of prepackaged 'solutions' being rolled out to save us from ourselves. Today we will dive deeper into this agenda and also focus on how it may reshape our lives if the technocrats have their way.

In this episode, Spiro is joined by John Klyczek, an Adjunct Professor, researcher, contributor to Activist Post as well as several other alternative news sites and the author of the book 'School World Order: The Technocratic Globalization of Corporatized Education'

For generations the social engineers have used the strategy of indoctrination to target societies most impressionable minds, our children, through many avenues but primarily through our education systems. In this interview, Spiro and John Klyczek break down the how this longstanding and effective tactic is being 'reimagined' by the usual suspects, to reshape the future of humanity.
-Spiro Skouras

Show Notes:
John Klyczek’s Website
John Klyczek’s Twitter
Counter Markets Newsletter
Distance Education and Innovation

Dark Journalist X-Series 92 | Secret Missions NASA In The HotZone Atlantis Rising | July 11, 2020

Source: darkjournalist.com

Dark Journalist will take a deep dive into Secret NASA Missions in The HotZone to locate ancient ruins between Cuba and Yucatan using advanced space imaging technology, The predictions of Edgar Cayce about land rising near Bimini and the Atlantis Hall of Records have set off a decades long geopolitical battle to find the secret TUAOI power source by governments all over the world.

Dark Journalist has talked to insiders who say those that are operating in the HotZone for Private or Military purposes need to sign a highly restrictive NDA not to discuss the ruins of the advanced civilizations they see in their operations. Live QA with DJ and Miss Olivia!

Brien Foerster | Exploration Of Ancient Dendara Complex In Egypt: Temple Of Hathor | July 11, 2020

Source: hiddenincatours.com

S0 News | Earth Patterns, 5G, Comet Trigger, Cosmic Web | July 10, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Whitney Webb & Ari Ben-Menashe | Will Maxwell Sing? | July 9, 2020

Source: Consortium News youtube, consortiumnews.com mintpressnews.com

CN Live! co-host Elizabeth Vos discusses the Epstein & Maxwell cases with investigative journalist Whitney Webb and former Israeli intelligence officer Ari Ben-Menashe, especially the intelligence angle.

Truthstream Media | The Isolated Individual & the Crowd Beast | July 10, 2020

Source: TruthstreamMedia.com

YouTube delete Max Igan’s channel | July 8, 2020

Source: thecrowhouse.com

YouTube delete Max Igan’s channel – 13 years of effort, more than 1,000 videos and 230,000 subscribers just disappeared.

You can still see Max’s material at these addresses: https://www.youtube.com/user/aodscarecrow https://www.bitchute.com/channel/TheCrowhouse/

S0 News | Solar Eruption, Extreme Weather, Collapse Risk | July 9, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Linda Moulton Howe | UFOs in Utah, Psychic X Remote Viewing Interview Mage, Brazil Incident | July 8, 2020

Source: earthfiles.com


UFOs in Utah
- Skinwalker Ranch in Uintah Basin has a long history of paranormal activity
- Phenomena reported as far back as 1776
- UFOs reported at molybdenum mine in Utah

Interview with Psychic X and his remote viewing of Skinwalker Ranch
- Factory a mile under Skinwalker Ranch
- Strange energy occurrences
- “Advanced intelligences”

Mage Brazil update with Psychic X - “Buddy” - D Baron Bolton
- Craft hit with high energy plasma
- “The craft shut itself off”
- “Inside, there were three tall whites…”
- 7 feet tall humanoids
- “A necklace that had an energy source in it”
- “Genetically perfect”
- “One got shot right there..two were shot later”

- Viewer Questions

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | July 8, 2020

Source: gizadeathstar.com

Forget about the Fauci-Lieber-Wuhan-Baal Gates virus scam-/plan-demic... now it's the bubonic plague in China.

Article: Suspected case of BUBONIC PLAGUE registered in China, days after Mongolian outbreak

Kerry Rhodes & Farzin Toussi | The Medicine: Ayahuasca, Spirit Contact, & Shamanic Healing | July 8, 2020

Source: thehighersidechats.com, themedicinedocumentary.com

Today we’re talking about a new documentary called The Medicine, which chronicles the entire journey of a true Amazonian ayahuasca retreat, with a level of detail I’ve yet to see anywhere else. The film follows former NFL safety, Kerry Rhodes, and actress, AnnaLyne McCord, as they both seek out shamanic healing for their own reasons.

Having spent many years in the NFL, Kerry’s concerns over CTE and lasting brain damage lead him to seek out the special brew, while AnnaLyne looks to heal from sexual trauma she experienced in her past.

For our interview we spend an hour with Kerry, followed by an hour with the film’s director Farzin Toussi. It’s everything you ever wanted to know about the journey, and more. Strap in.

S0 News | Stars on a String, Earthquake Watch | July 8, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Rosa Koire | Agenda 21/2030 | The Vinny Eastwood Show | July 8, 2020

Source: thevinnyeastwoodshow.com, rosakoire-bgm.com

A Disturbing Glimpse Into The Future: Bill Gates, Elon Musk & The 4th Industrial Revolution | July 6, 2020

Source: activistpost.com, Spiro Skouras youtube

Welcome everyone, thanks for tuning in and congratulations! If you are reading or watching this, that means you have officially survived the first half of 2020. Something tells me, the second half will be just as crazy, if not more crazy than the first half was.

In this report we will be taking a glimpse of what the not-too-distant future may look like. Yes, some of this will be speculation, but it is speculation projecting forward based on the facts we have today.

To be clear, the road humanity is being led down does not look very human at all according to the social engineers AKA technocrats who are deciding and dictating what the future of humanity looks like for us — we have no say according to the elite.

Watch this report and decide for yourself, will humanity benefit from this projected future? Or will this digitalized system of control be the final nail in the coffin of free will and expression of individuality.

Show Notes: activistpost.com

S0 News | Big News on Pole Shift, Plasma Cosmos, 6th Sense | July 7, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Press For Truth | BUSTED: In 2011 Ex-Reddit CEO Knew Ghislaine Maxwell Was "Supplying Underage Girls For Sex"!!! | July 6, 2020

Source: pressfortruth.ca

The former CEO of Reddit Ellen K. Pao admitted that she knew Ghislaine Maxwell was procuring young girls for Epstein back in 2011 and said nothing about it to anyone!

In response to a tweet in expressing relief at never having been photographed with Maxwell, Pao replied: "She was at the Kleiner holiday party in 2011, but I had no desire to meet her much less have a photo taken with her. We knew about her supplying underage girls for sex, but I guess that was fine with the "cool" people who managed the tightly controlled guest list”.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over the archived twitter thread that prompted her to lock out her account while also warning others out there who know anything that if they don’t speak up, these atrocities will only continue to spiral out of control. -pressfortruth.ca

Suspicious0bservers | The Phoenix Protocol | Reversing Biological Time | July 6, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

James Corbett on The Filter Podcast | The Corona Constitution | July 4, 2020

Source: corbettreport.com, thefilter.org

Bush was right: The constitution really is just a piece of paper. So what does this mean in the age of the corona crisis, as some turn to those pieces of paper to protect the last shreds of their privacy and even their bodily autonomy? And if constitutional fictions aren't the solution, what is? Don't miss this in-depth exploration of the world of 2020 as James Corbett joins Matt Asher on The Filter podcast.

Show Notes: 
The Filter
Tokyo governor says lockdown in Japan is ‘impossible’
NJ governor ignores Bill of Rights in exclusive Tucker interview
How is Japan Reacting NOW? – Questions For Corbett #061
2010 Toronto G20 – “This isn’t Canada anymore.”
Harvard groups research planet-cooling aerosols
The Truth About Shadowbanning – #PropagandaWatch

Christopher Bache | LSD and the Mind of the Universe | Part One | Legaliste Freedom Radio | July 4, 2020

Source: legalise-freedom.com

Christopher Bache discusses his book 'LSD and the Mind of the Universe – Diamonds From Heaven'.

In 1979, Bache took the first step on what would become a life-changing journey. Drawing from his training as a philosopher of religion, he set out to explore his mind and the mind of the universe as deeply and systematically as possible, with the help of the psychedelic drug LSD. Over the course of 20 years the 73 high-dose LSD sessions drew him into a deepening communion with cosmic consciousness.

Bache tells how he touched the living intelligence of our universe - an intelligence that both embraced and crushed him - and demonstrates how direct experience of the divine can change our perspective on life, the Universe, and everything.

Making a powerful case for the value of psychedelically-induced spiritual experience, the author shares his immersion in the fierce love and creative intent of the unified field of consciousness that underlies all physical existence. He describes the incalculable value of embracing the pain and suffering he encountered in his sessions and the challenges he faced integrating his experiences into his everyday life. -legalise-freedom.com

Admiral Tom Wilson Document Leak Panel | July 5, 2020

Source: Grant Cameron youtube

Press For Truth | The Arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell Has Powerful People Shaking In Their Boots!!! | July 5, 2020

Source: pressfortruth.ca

Ellen Brown & Peter Koenig | Global Economic Lockdown | Guns & Butter

Source: gunsandbutter.orgInformation Machine

The UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals integrate many of the components of the 2010 Rockefeller Report including the Lockstep Scenario; population reduction; World Health Organization (WHO); Event 201;

global vaccination program; cascading economic collapse; the multiple trillion dollar bailout known as the CARES Act; the new US Treasury and Federal Reserve relationship; special purpose vehicles (SVPs); bottomless well of liquidity at the Fed; the Fed hires Blackrock;

supply chain disruptions; debt deflation; Universal Basic Income (UBI); collapse of oil prices; massive shift of capital to the top; the coming mega-depression; food insecurity leading to famine; World Bank and International Monetary Fund; unemployment and bankruptcies; privatization; who benefits.

New World Next Week | Bodily Autonomy in the Corona World Order | July 2, 2020

Source: NewWorldNextWeek.com, corbettreport.com, mediamonarchy.com

Story #1: Colorado Adopts Mandatory Vaccinations for School Kids
Colorado SB20-163: “School Entry Immunization”
Bill Making It Illegal to Forcefully Microchip Employees Passes Michigan House
Bill Requires Employers to Keep Implanted Microchips Voluntary For Workers
Michigan HB5672: “Microchip Protection Act”

Story #2: BLM Protests Have Not Led To Spike In Coronavirus Cases
COVID-19 Planning Considerations: Guidance for School Re-Entry
CRISPR Gene Editing in Human Embryos Wreaks Chromosome Mayhem
Our CRISPR Coverage Since 2015

Story #3: Iran Issues Arrest Warrant for Trump Over Killing Soleimani
Esper Saw No Evidence Embassies Were Under Threat
‘Bombshell’: Iraqi Officials Say ISIS —Not Iran— Likely Behind Rocket Attack Trump Used to Justify Soleimani Assassination
Official ISIS Newspaper ‘Thanks God’ for Trump Killing Iran’s General Soleimani
CONFIRMED: Israeli Supplied the Key Intelligence for US Assassination of Iran’s Soleimani
Did Soleimani Kill 600 Americans? – Questions For Corbett #050
TikTok Denies Sharing Indian User Data With Chinese Government

Edward Snowden | System Update with Glenn Greenwald | Full Interview | July 2, 2020

Source: The Intercept youtube

00:00 Intro
00:10 A message from our producer
02:21 Interview with Edward Snowden

Truthstream Media | The Fear Box and the Present Moment | July 2, 2020

Source: TruthstreamMedia.com

Matt Presti | Cultural Revolution U.S.A. | July 1, 2020

Source: dwtruthwarrior.com, mattpresti.com

In this episode I speak with Matt Presti about his recent facebook post which makes some very striking comparisons between communist/cultural revolutions in the past, to what is happening today in America and the West. -David Whitehead

James Corbett | The Truth About Bill Gates, Police, & The New Abnormal | July 1, 2020

Source: thehighersidechats.com, corbettreport.com

The great James Corbett of CorbettReport.com returns to THC to talk about his latest work and the latest goings on in this wacky world.

Watch his film, Who Is Bill Gates?: www.corbettreport.com/gates

Linda Moulton Howe | Strange roars over Austria, COVID-19 updates, New swine flu in China | July 1, 2020

Source: earthfiles.com

COVID-19 updates
- Texas reached more than 8000 new infections
- Arizona 4700 new infections
- Dr Fauci “new infection rates could now increase to 100,000 per day”
- “Clearly, we are not in total control”… “it is going to be very disturbing”
- Nearing 127,000 American deaths.
- EU bars Americans from traveling to Europe
- COVID-19 hijacks proteins from infected host to create tentacles to infect more and more cells.

New swine flu strain found in China
- Strain called G4 EA H1N1
- Confirmed infections of workers in swine industry in China where flu has spread from pigs to humans

Huge roar over Austria
- No planes visible during several minutes of loud roar heard in Sankt Peter Am Kammersberg, Austria
- Clouds appeared to be deforming by pressure from above

- Reader Email about Near Death Experiences

- Viewer Questions

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky | The 2020 Economic Crisis: Global Poverty, Unemployment, Despair | June 30, 2020

Source: globalresearch.ca

Jordan Maxwell | Infinite Plane Radio with Tim Ozman | June 28, 2020

Source: Infinite Plane Radio youtube, jordanmaxwellshow.com

Randall Carlson & Ben Davidson | The Sun & Earth Catastrophe | June 29, 2020

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org, randallcarlson.com

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