Bob Dean | Subliminal Disclosure


February, 2011
"A study of history is essential in coming to terms
with who we are and where we have been. Perhaps
we will learn something of where we might be going." - Robert Dean

In 1963 Bob Dean read the report, "An Assessment" by the Brookings Institute after his watch commander tossed it on his desk. In his words: "It literally changed my life..." He has spent the last 50 years learning the truth about the ET presence...a truth our governments will never disclose.

Disclosure is in process...the military calls their campaign of suppression "psychotronic persuasion"...but the media continues to roll out not-so subtle "clues" to prepare us, via films like "Fire In the Sky","Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "Skyline", and television shows like "The Event"...Bob Dean calls it subliminal disclosure, and relates true life events of the extraterrestials among us...and the efforts to let the public know the truth,,,their governments fail to disclose.

Mr. Dean majored in ancient history, psychology, and philosophy at Indiana University, completed extensive studies in archeology and theology and holds the equivalent of a masters level degree in Emergency Management. Beyond extensive United States engagements, he has spoken all over the world to share his message, appearing at sponsored events in England, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Hungary and Puerto Rico. He also has countless television, radio, video and news documentary appearances to his credit and has been honored with THREE lifetime achievement awards for his contribution to the field of Ufology.

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