Kosta Makreas and Steven Greer | The Global CE-5 Initiative (CSETI), April 22, 2011

Source: worldpuja.org, cseti.org

April 22, 2011–Dr. Greer coined the term CE-5 which refers to human initiated contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence and he has spent years teaching groups and individuals how they can do this. He is joined today by Kosta Makreas who has been on many CSETI Expeditions since 2006 and has learned these techniques.

Kosta's brainchild was to coordinate monthly worldwide events now called "Global CE-5 ET Contact" which have been ongoing since October, 2010.

These events consist of a coordinated, interactive and highly successful contact with ET intelligences undertaken by cooperative groups of people in up to 128 CE-5 locations spread across 20 countries.

As an activist for 5 decades, Kosta has had a lifelong interest in Extraterrestrial intelligence, spirituality, politics, economics, multimedia, science and technology, and planetary healing and transformation all of which have found a natural integrated outlet of activism in the various projects led by Dr. Greer.

Kosta's professional background includes a degree in Computer Science followed by a 30+ year career as an independent software consultant, writer and networker in the Silicon Valley, CA, USA. He is married with 2 adult children and resides in San Bruno, CA.
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