Jeane Manning | Breakthrough Power, June 2011


Jeane Manning’s books are published in six languages. Her latest is the award-winning Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World, co-authored with Joel Garbon. Jeane co-authored Angels Don’t Play This HAARP with Dr. Nick Begich, and then resumed her main area of research – “free energy” and what it means for our everyday lives. Her first solo book, The Coming Energy Revolution (Avery Publishing, NY, 1996) was followed by The Granite Man and the Butterfly and other books.

How can we help liberate ‘free energy’ systems?

A small but fast-growing global network of brave innovators, heretical scientists and other researchers are trying to move new clean energy breakthroughs toward the marketplace. A variety of inventions could replace polluting technologies, but powerful interests have long prevented the big changes we need. Those interests are pleased to keep game-changing inventions outside the box of accepted solutions and sequestered by ridicule or silence. How can we, the people, help the energy pioneers? Is it the right time for clean-energy abundance to solve some major world and local problems?
~Spectrum Radio Network

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