Scott Onstott | Secrets In Plain Sight, Quadrivium, Metrology & 33, June 19, 2011


Scott Onstott went to college at UC Berkeley and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Architecture in 1992. He began his career doing manual drafting and soon transitioned to AutoCAD and gained experience in several prominent engineering, architecture and interiors firms in San Francisco.

Scott worked as a Draftsman, CAD Designer, Job Captain, Animator, and Programmer before becoming an independent consultant. He's taught over 45 semester courses at three Bay Area colleges and has written and edited dozens of technical computer books. Scott is also the maker of the video series "Secrets in Plain Sight", an exploration of art, architecture, and urban design which unveils an unlikely intersection of geometry, politics, numerical philosophy, religious mysticism, new physics, music, astronomy, and world history.

In this interview, Scott will take us on an exploration of various monuments and buildings, their positions and explain how Egypt has been encoded in units of measurement in the design. We'll also discuss Masonic "trigger numbers" and why they show up in architecture. Later, Scott talks about the elite, bloodlines, 4th dimensional entities, the matrix and harnessing Earth energies.

Topics discussed: Secret in Plain Sight, activated, crop circles, numerology, geometry, geomancy, matrix, 864, Pythagoras, Heliopolis, 864 the sun number, 108, the Moon number, pharaoh Akhenaton, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Isis, Virgin, NASA, Runway 33, talismanic power, middle C, 33, hijacked knowledge, bloodlines, 4th dimensional entities, James Buchanan, American presidents, 7.83 hertz, Space Port America and more.~Red Ice Creations
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