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October 25, 2011–Ben Stewart is the creator (along with his Brother Dan Stewart) of the Esoteric Agenda and Kymatica and now UNGRIP.

The UNGRIP film focus's on the journey through transitional and groundbreaking moments in a human's life.

The questions that have remained timeless and profound throughout history have been all but left for dead. There have been messages left in scripture, archeological remains, shamanic traditions, philosophy, poetry, art and music. As we move closer to an apex of technological and intellectual information, we find ourselves farther and farther away from feeling any comfort or wholeness within our hearts and souls. Yet even though the concept of spirituality should have been long gone by now, we are seeing an awakening among people and a growing desire for truth.

Rob in the Pagé Family was a former successful IT professional, who after 20 years on the job, ended his career to move his family into the country to build an off-grid home (earthship), grow their own food and establish the pagé family domain. Having spent considerable time (over 3500 hours) since July 2008 testing the theories learned, rob’s teaching on self governance, freedom, sustainable living and balanced living has started to gain international recognition for his approaches to life.

Taking full responsibility and accountability for his life, on a Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual level without forcing his will upon another, meant making significant changes in how he and his family lived and so began the process to remove any and all dependencies on the state and corporations while at the same time working towards building interdependent relationships with other independent people.

Rob has been sharing this process through classes he calls “Constructs of Freedom”, where his students learn the significant impact our current systems have on our lives and how we can take back control. Rob’s teachings have garnered tremendous respect from his students who attend his classes each week in Edmonton city located in Alberta province, empowering many to be the change they want to see in the world. He has caught the attention of an international film maker, Ben Stewart, an international film maker is releasing his new film “UNGRIP” on October 1st, 2011 which features Rob’s home, his work and his philosophy on life.

Rob has also put together a 10 disk DVD set called “Journey Towards Truth” where he shares key information that has changed his life and shares actual events and experiences while he is working towards Conscious Self Governance.

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UNGRIP (From the creators of Esoteric Agenda and KYMATICA)

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