Howard Hughes interviews Graham Nicholls | Out of the Body Experience, November 9, 2011


November 9, 2011–This Edition features British “Out of the Body Experience” expert Graham Nicholls – who lives and works in Estonia. If you have ever wanted to know more about OBE phenomena be sure to check out his website.. ~Howard Hughes

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About Graham Nicholls

Graham Nicholls is the author of two books on the out-of-body experience and is a leading expert on the subject. He has spent many years teaching and guiding people through their first OBE, or helping them understand their own perceptions and abilities.

His writings have been published by The Institute of Noetic Sciences, as well as many websites and magazines both in the UK and US. One of which, his article ‘Expanding Horizons: Twenty Years of Exploration into the Out-of-Body Experience’ appeared in Kindred Spirit magazine in 2009 and was widely acclaimed.

His book entitled ‘Avenues of the Human Spirit‘ is available from Amazon, and explores his OBEs, spiritual transformation and philosophy. He has also just completed his second book entitled, Navigating the Out-of-Body Experience: Radical New Techniques, to be published by Llewellyn in the US in April, 2012. Tom Campbell, a NASA physicist, developer of Hemi-Sync and author, has already stated that it “stands out as one of the best books on the topic”.
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