Michael Murphy | Chemtrail Agendas, December 7, 2011

Source: coasttocoastam.com, truthmediaproductions.us, WhatintheWorldAreTheySpraying.info

(Michael's interview starts at 40 minute mark!)

Journalist, filmmaker and political activist Michael Murphy discussed the agendas behind chemtrails (a type of 'geo-engineering' method). Chemtrails which differ from regular contrails, are sprayed from airplanes, and dissipate into what looks like cirrus cloud cover, which actually blocks the sun, he explained. Geo-engineering models suggest chemtrails can be used for weather modification. For instance, putting aluminum oxide particles into the atmosphere will have a desirable cooling effect, but in the long term the aerosols act as a blanket, and will lead to warming by trapping the heat in, he cautioned. There has been secrecy regarding the full scale deployment of this technology because it causes toxic environmental effects, and is detrimental to human health, he added.

Rain tests have shown there are toxic levels of aluminum, barium, and strontium that were not there before chemtrails came into usage, he reported, adding that these substances are associated with respiratory illness, high blood pressure, and possibly even cancer. Murphy postulated that corporations are clandestinely using chemtrails to manipulate natural systems including weather and soil, in order to foster marketing opportunities for goods and services tailored to the new environmental conditions being created. For example, there are GMO seeds that are sold as drought and aluminum resistant, he said.

Additionally, through geo-engineering and projects like HAARP, weather and atmospheric alterations are being adapted as warfare techniques, he suggested. For those who wish to take a stand against these developments, Murphy recommended visiting the Coalition Against Geo-Engineering.

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