An estimate of the situation, a statement given by Barry M King on instruction by white hat teams within British Intelligence February 19th 2012

Some time ago I contacted Mel Fabregas concerning a situation whereby if certain events began to be played out globally that I would be forced to play an ace card I have kept up my sleeve since 1994, it was readied and poised for actioning since that date, with hope it would never ever be used. A number of those specified events have come to pass and Intel points to further events being manufactured by the controllers. These of course can be changed, modified or nullified, but warnings must now be given should that not occur.An escalation in war preparedness with Iran is causing severe dislocation within the defence community in the UK. The party liners wish such a conflict to take place, the white hats however are totally against such a move for global stability reasoning.

The controllers have been reckless in their reasoning, ignoring the quantum jump in public awareness and the fact that there are factions waiting in the wings poised to neutralise any moves that will threaten this planet and its populace on a major scale. Of late the controllers have used every means available to them to disrupt the elements within these factions, from attacking them physically, mentally, socially, to removing some elements completely.However they, the controllers in their reckless activity have by sheer arrogance overlooked the fact that certain OPI have ways of combating these attacks on their elements and this in turn ensures the elements remain readied for the actions needed to combat a global catastrophy envisioned by the controllers.

There have been occasions when I as an individual wished to step back, away from public arenas, to lower stress levels, maintain a reasonable level healthwise etc, but each and every time I was forced back into the public domain by associates in order to continue with their disclosures. I have personally endured much and believe totally that I should be allowed to retire from the public arena after many years, but associates differ in opinion and would rather see me continuing even with severe health, the importance of getting the data released far outweighs one individual is their answer. We have watched with interest since 1994 very many individuals step into the public arena releasing information, much of which began with my personal disclosures since the 1990's and followed on with data released publicly via several forums since 2005. The legacy of data released by myself is seen everywhere as more and more come forward. Planned or by accident? Only you can decide. No, this is far from an ego trip, I despise those whom adorn the public arena for self gratification and usually monetary agendas. My track record shows I am opposite to that. I have availed myself to questioning and giving assistance publicly since 2005, more than anyone else within the community. The hidden side remains hidden though, by necessity, but this is unfolding as time goes on, what little amount of it I have available.

Part 1 of official statement ends........part 2 to follow
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