A Refined Cosmology to Address Cosmic Anomaly: Lifting the Veil, Crystal Clark interviews James Horak, April 4, 2012

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are presenting a three-hour series of three interviews
Crystal Clark and James Horak

A Refined Cosmology to Address Cosmic Anomaly: Lifting the Veil
This may well be the first time earth-bound humanity has been told the truth about our past—ever.

Should that be the case, this is a Great Day for the people on this planet—this is no small thing. It is entirely natural and expected that people will ask themselves, “How can we possibly know if this is true?”

As you move through each segment of this 3-part series, the answer will become self-evident: If we are able to turn things around on this planet fast enough, which will also ensure that we survive our own technology and those who abuse it, we will be in a position to TEST this story… I like that. :)

I would imagine some of you are wondering if I personally believe this story? Yes—I do.
~Crystal Clark
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