Jeff Harman on VERITAS Radio | Decoding the Future with Astrology: 2012 & Beyond


Jeff Harman is considered one of the most respected astrologers in the USA. During his return to VERITAS we discuss some of the most important topics of this time: U.S. Election (the chart shows the winner is...) Weather December 21, 2012 Geopolitics Prospects of war Economy Solar System / Cosmos Solar Maximum Effects. ~Mel Fabregas

Jeff Harman has been an astrologer for more than three decades, utilizing a variety of systems including Traditional or Classical Western Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Kabbalistic Astrology, and Astro-Location Astrology. Jeff spent ten years in Beverly Hills and has a remarkable client base and databank of thousands of case studies. Jeff has spoken for IONS, MUFON, and the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants. He has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, The Veritas Radio Show, and numerous other radio, TV, and web shows. Besides being a life-long astrologer, Jeff owns Conjunction Entertainment, a new motion picture company. Jeff has a diverse career in the entertainment industry and a technical background in the areas of audio forensics, audio engineering, electronic design consulting and acoustical consulting. Jeff has taught physics of sound and acoustics, electronics, and advanced acoustical design, testing and audio engineering. He has held classes at such places as the renowned Riverbank Acoustics Laboratory in Geneva, Illinois, which was involved in secret work for the military during WWI and WWII. Jeff has worked in production, filming and recording with such diverse people as George Carlin, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Greg Morris from Mission Impossible and many of Hollywood's writers, directors and directors of cinematography. Such as the classic westerns, Budd Boetticher, Bernard Girard, William A. Fraker, László Kovács, Foster Denkar, as well as many others. Jeff was once consulted as an analyst of the JFK assassination footage. He has also conducted forensics work in voice print analysis and other audio technical capabilities with many federal, state and local agencies. He also holds U.S. and International Patents in technology United States Patent Numbers 5,719,920 (dated Feb. 17, 1998) and 5,826,235 (dated Oct. 20, 1998). See Jeff's bio page on Conjunction Entertainment for his past client list
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