Curt Flowers & Damon Charles | The Business of Life, January 23, 2013

Source: Radio 3Fourteen,

Curt Flowers and Damon Charles from Executive Trustee Training discuss the practicalities of taking control of your life and becoming your own boss in a world of never ending ideologies and conspiracies. Curt and Charles present a refreshing viewpoint on how to improve the quality of life both mentally and physically. Their message is one of mental, physical and spiritual independence regardless of the current state of the world. They talk about why complaining and demanding others to change or behave differently is not the answer.

We’ll discuss the illusions of manmade constructs such as government, authority and credit and address the general state of mind control and laziness as the big obstacle preventing us from creating something new. Curt explains the importance of understanding the meaning of words and asking the right questions when dealing with opposing forces. We also philosophize about concepts such as human "rights," justice and the need for a governing body as opposed to letting the forces of nature or natural law sort things out. ~Radio 3Fourteen
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