Dr. Sydney Bush | The Suppression of Vitamin C Science, January 7, 2013

Source: itsrainmakingtime.com, lifeextensionoptometry.org

As more people begin to recognize the importance of preventive medicine, the time has come to reassess prevailing medical wisdom on heart disease and the way we diagnose and treat it. Optometrist Dr. Sydney Bush is the founder of the World Institute of Optometry and CardioRetinometry® and the pioneer of CardioRetinometry®, a groundbreaking new biological science that can precisely diagnose heart health.

Whereas costly, invasive, and often unnecessary diagnostic tests and surgeries are par for the course in cardiology, CardioRetinometry can safely and inexpensively diagnose the condition of the heart by photographing the retinal artery with a 45º camera lens. If your optometrist has a 45º lens, Dr. Bush will accept photos for analysis via email and will be able to tell you the exact condition of your heart. Dr. Bush has had great success in diagnosing and treating cardiovascular disease using his methodology and protocols for vitamin C supplementation. In this segment, he explains why vitamin C is so vital to heart health and the body as a whole – as well as why doctors are trained to discourage patients from taking high doses. Join us for an eye-opening look at the future of heart disease prevention.
~Kim Greenhouse
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