New World Next Week | Korean War, Conspiracy Poll, Phone Tattoo, April 4, 2013


Story #1: North Korean Army Says It Has Final 'Approval' For Nuclear Attack On US
U.S. to deploy anti-missile system to Guam
North Korea's Threats Show That Canada Needs To Be Part Of U.S. Missile Defence Pact
North Korea Vows to Restart Shuttered Plutonium Reactor
Ignore the Headlines: Korean Peninsula Has Been In A "State of War" For More Than 60 Years

Story #2: A Ridiculous Number Of Americans Believe In Crazy Conspiracy Theories
Public Policy Polling poll results
PPP Press Release on poll  

Story #3: Nokia Patent Covers Tattoo That Vibrates When Your Phone Rings
Stanford Creates Biological Transistors, Final Step Towards Computers Inside Living Cells
President Obama Launches Initiative To Get Inside Your BRAIN
Ground Zero: Short Circuit - Burn Out Your Dead
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