Dr. Brooks Agnew | Cataclysm, New Energy rising after Coronal Mass Ejection, Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, 2012 Holland

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Part one  
Cataclysm, New Energy rising after Coronal Mass Ejection
When the lights go out, and they will most certainly be turned off for a while, the real question on your mind is, "Will they ever come back on?" The answer is, maybe. Where are we without electricity? Where are we without our sophisticated electronics? The truth is, not too far from the days of steam power and horse-drawn vehicles. But is that really where we will be? Or is there hope for another dawn of energy and vehicle science that will save us?

Part two 
Breakthrough Energy and the Marketplace
Energy is quickly becoming a major part of the Cost of Goods Sold for nearly every business and society. The revenues for that energy have been isolated to a few channels of ownership for more than 150 years. For all of the trillions spent researching new ways to dig out the soul of the planet and burn it, hardly a penny has been spent on the energy innovations that could deliver endless supply for even the most remote areas. For all their steel and glass, smoke and steam, the energy industry is stuck in the stone age. You are about to witness a Breakthrough Energy Business proposal that will take the human race into the next age of its evolution, and perhaps even past the stars of our galaxy. v  

Raised in Pasadena, California, Dr. Brooks Agnew spent most of his youth hanging around Cal Tech and the folks who co-oped at Jet Propulsion Labs. He entered the Air Force in 1973 where he became an electronics engineer. After earning an honorable discharge he attended Brigham Young, Western Kentucky, and Tennessee Technological Universities. He has a bachelor's degree in Chemistry, a master's degree in statistics, and a PhD in physics.  

Breakthrough Energy Conference 2013
October 10 - 12th, 2013
University of Colorado in Boulder

The Breakthrough Energy Conference 2013 program promises to be a one of a kind experience within the Breakthrough Energy field. This year's program won't be just for scientists and experts, but for anyone interested in innovation and improving life on our planet.
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