Tom Campbell | Shedding Light on the Speed of Light: The Implications of Variances, September 18, 2013


Tom Campbell (NASA physicist, Large Complex Systems Analyst), shares his insights on the discovery by Dr Rupert Sheldrake (Science Set Free) of official records in the London Patent Office containing recorded variances in the speed of light throughout various times in history.

Presented by mainstream science as an unshakeable constant, Tom explores the why and how this constant may change and the implications of this information on our existence with reference to quantum mechanics, technology, the probability of travel to other universes, and how it relates to human evolution and purpose.

Notable quotes by Tom from this interview: "Consciousness is the Computer, Dr. Fredkin!" "Virtual Reality is becoming acceptable physics." My note: The term Larger Consciousness System (the intelligent, highly organized "programer" that we are a part of) may be interpreted by some as God. Interview by Donna Aveni.
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