Kingsley Dennis | The Struggle for Your Mind, September 30, 2013


September 30, 2013–Kingsley Dennis is a sociologist, researcher, and writer. He is the author of several books and numerous articles on complexity theory, social technologies, new media communications, and conscious evolution.

We'll discuss his book The Struggle for Your Mind: Conscious Evolution & The Battle to Control How We Think. Kinglsey explains how within society there exists a silent war. The battlefield is our everyday lives: our education, our work, our leisure, our emotional and spiritual well-being, and our thinking and perceptions. Our very sense of "reality" is deliberately engineered to work against conscious evolution and preserve social norms. In short, we are all part of a war of consciousness. He discusses how the opportunity is at hand for us to win. We'll explore the biology of consciousness and the tactics being used to control it.
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