Brien Foerster | Ancient Technology and the Great Flood | Truth Connection, December 8, 2013


Brien Foerster, Rob Arnold, Josh Toms, Emily Jane Arnold, Sam Mason and Trevor Thompson

This episode on Truth Connections featured the creators behind the groundbreaking documentary Awakening Truth as well as Brien Foerster, an internationally renowned researcher on the Inca culture, the megaliths and elongated skulls of Peru and South America. Awakening Truth focuses on investigating the ancient past in order to figure out new sustainable ways to work with the environment in the present.

Brien is also busy with other projects that will turn into published books. Some of the topics he will be covering are the mysterious stone monuments of Peru that predate the Inca kingdom, he wants to search for the lost continent of Mu and research the ancient history of Hawaii.

So far, Brien has had several appearances on Ancient Aliens, he has written 8 books, he's had numerous radio interviews, and he lives with his wife in Peru.
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