John Ellis | The Hydrogen Bonding Angle of Water, March 2, 2014


Inventor John Ellis has revolutionized water filtration for decades with a lightweight, patented technology for energizing and distilling tap water. Sickly and weak from radium treatments in his youth, John began to look for a way to reverse the damage. He developed a device that would recycle water hundreds of times per gallon – a much more thorough process than the water filtration processes commonly used in the public domain. By using a proprietary method for heating, cooling, and distilling water, John Ellis was able to produce water 827 times purer than what comes out of municipal water supplies. The results, verified by York Labs, confirmed that water from John’s machines was even purer than the lab standard for pure water.

John Ellis is an alumnus of The Choate School and Lafayette College, where he earned an engineering degree in steam plant design. He went on to work at Douglas Aerospace and later Honeywell, where he developed his patented technology for recycling, energizing, and distilling water.

It's Rainmaking Time!® learned in 2004 that simply filtering or heating water is an ineffective measure against infection by pathogenic bacteria. Our interview with the stewards of the water industry highlighted the fact that removing toxic materials from water does not remove their energetic signatures.

In our ongoing investigation of the science of water, we learned about the healing and energetic properties of structured water, which is determined by the hydrogen bonding angle. According to John Ellis, whereas the bonding angle for ordinary water is 104 degrees, and 101 degrees for distilled water, the bonding angle between hydrogen molecules in water produced by his device is 114 degrees. Water that has been structured this way holds up to 3000% more energy, and is sufficient to destroy disease markers in the bloodstream.

John Ellis’ water filtration methodology represents a major step forward in personal health empowerment, anti-aging, and disease prevention. Join us with the inventor himself as we discuss the history, evidence, and testimonials that support this unprecedented breakthrough in water structuring technology.

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