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Steven Sedlmayr discussed his discovery of modified water [H302]. We discussed Steven's background and how, by accident, he discovered this type of water, its benefits. He also shared testimonies from many.

The H302 is formulated by bombarding the water in a very special resonant chamber with low energy photons at the resonant frequency of the hydrogen and oxygen bond, creating an entirely different energy of water from any other water.

The H302 advanced hydration line has been successfully tested by Penn State Laboratories, Arizona State Laboratories, and the University of Washington.

"I began drinking it on a limited basis in 2008. I obtained it from a friend, Mark, who told me about the good things it could do for one’s health. I have always enjoyed good health but in early 2007 my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test begin to show a steady increase in the defining number of this test climbing from 2.9 in 2005 to 5.6 in June of 2007.

My father passed away from prostate cancer so I was somewhat worried about these steadily increasing test numbers. I started drinking the water just for overall health not knowing what specific benefits it would bring. It increased my energy level but most importantly, all of my blood test numbers started to go down or up accordingly back towards normal levels.

I only have one kidney due to a transplant to my brother and became hypertensive so I was on a low level blood pressure medicine, 20 mg of Lotensin and 25 mg of HCT daily. After drinking the water for a few months on a limited basis, my blood pressure started to go down. I was only able to drink it intermittently due to Mr. M living so far away (about 300 miles).

I started drinking the water on a regular basis in the summer of 2009 and my blood pressure dropped to the point that my family physician cut the medication in half and will probably cut it out all together by my next visit in the spring or sooner if my blood pressure continues to drop.

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