Tom Campbell | MBT Open Forum | Oct. 11-2014


Tom Campbell discusses topics as diverse as the environment, physics, the probabalistic vs deterministic viewpoint of reality, Love, healing, past lives, peace, and more, thus illustrating how his My Big TOE (Big Theory of Everything) lives up to it's name.

Tom also offers some new information to add to his MBT theory, and makes a prediction.
Questions from the participants follow Tom's presentation. This presentation is in 3 parts.

Quotes by Tom:
“There are millions of paths; whatever your path, it will take you where you want to go.”

"I am a physicist. I talk physics. If we are ever to get the high priests of physics to understand that Love is the answer, we have to talk physics."

"There is nothing out there. This is a Virtual Reality."

One of the reasons Tom Campbell's MBT theory is so valuable is that "If you see yourself in the context of a big picture, you get progress." Progress (positive evolution) is why we are here.

Working from his big picture perspective, world peace is a possibility.

NPMR: Non-physical reality
IUOC: Individuated Unit of Consciousness
LCS: Being in charge of our system; Some may call God.
PMR- physical matter reality
RWW-reality wide web
QOC-quality of Consciousness
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