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Duncan O'Finioan and Miranda Kelly: Darkside Wars-Part 1 OffPlanet Radio - 12-27-2014 - Randy Maugans with Duncan O'finioan and Miranda Kelly, Recorded 12-06-2014

As the year 2014 fades, we enter a period of extreme events, which we have talked about on this show for over five years,. I call it "the eye of the needle", Duncan says: "The flag has been dropped." (Or, would it be the hammer of Thor?) We planned for this interview to be a statement of events, predictions, warnings, and useful information as things grow more intense.

Because of their ongoing involvement in The Gray Walkers, much of D&M's information over the years has been highly limited, cryptic, and sometimes veiled. As we have continued to do interviews, more has been revealed. This interview features information never before discussed, and in great detail.

We will just note the extreme technical interference on this recording, evident around 20 minutes into the proceedings when we were being hit with an infrasonic signal that degraded the voice connections. Spectral analysis of the audio clearly showed subsonic frequencies going down to -20Hz. Nice work, fellas! -OffPlanet Radio

Part 2 of the exclusive interview concludes the narrative of the Darkside Wars, the Gray Walkers, and connections between MKUltra, the Nazi quest for the "Aryan" race lines and the bloodlines of the Nephillim---with surprising twists.
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