Patrick Le Brun | Analysis of the Charlie Hebdo Massacre: False Flag or Genuine Terrorism? | Hour 1 | Jan. 26, 2015


January 26, 2015–Patrick Le Brun is a writer and activist who has written many articles for Counter-Currents. He has extensive experience with the French Identitarian movement. He is currently based in the United States, where he mentors college students who wish to engage in activism.

Patrick joins us to give his unique perspective on the string of Paris shootings related to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. We begin with a look at some of the varied American alt media views on the events that transpired. We consider the Elite’s spin on the attacks used for their long term goals, with the general push that Mossad/Israel is behind the plot. Patrick spells out a number of details that would rule out Israeli involvement, and describes how Israeli false flags work.

We talk about the history of the Kouachi brothers and Amedy Coulibaly, the many puzzling parts of their separate, violent sprees, the odd tactics of the police, and clues that the killers may have been linked to intelligence agencies. Patrick then explains the typical circumstances of young immigrants who turn to terrorism, the path of the Jihadist, and culture clash issues that are the result of a failed multicultural society.

We look at what the conspiracies behind these events really could be, and shine a light on the rampant hypocrisy and sloppiness in government and police work.

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