Santos Bonacci | Atom | Truth Connections Radio | Jan. 15, 2015


Santos Bonacci is, without question, a great Philosopher, Teacher, and Truth Connector -- who is intensely aware of scales of reason and calculation from the micro to the macro, and everything in between. There is no one more versed in connecting the overlapping dots in ancient teachings. Santos has an uncanny ability to compile, understand and separate fact from fiction when speaking in reference in areas of Religion, Astrology, Astrotheology, Philosophy, and Science and how they are truly connected by way of Syncretism.

Santos joined Truth Connections for his presentation on the root of the word Atom. He has come to discover that the word Atom is the first and original universal word that contains the secrets of nature and how nature works. He also discusses in this episode the current planetary alignments and levels of awakening we are all experiencing in social situations, especially in the truth movement and much
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