10 Lunar Waves Filmed To Date & What We Now Know | Feb. 6, 2015

Source: Crrow777 youtube, Crow Tripplehorn examiner.com

This clip contains all 10 lunar waves filmed to date and goes over what we know so far. Please follow my articles on the Examiner.com - Crrow777

Crow Tripplehorn has been a sky watcher for nearly 20 years, having purchased his first telescope in the 90s. For the past three years he has been a full time UFO and space anomaly investigator in southern California and in this time has become known for his UFO video work the world over. Crow is also credited with the discovery of a lunar wave phenomenon that is not yet well understood. Tripplehorn has worked hard to bring honesty and integrity to the world of UFO and anomaly investigations and is now a trusted source of information in this field. -examiner.com Raw Lunar 

Wave Footage Sent From Berlin Germany

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