In Memory of Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde | Feb. 11, 2015


Dr. Rauni-Leena Kilde died this week, cancer-ridden, a whistle-blower of high magnitude.
She pointed to the "NWO" being coordinating factions between Britain (M15, M16) on one side, and CIA/FBI/"Star of David", on the other.

She warned for over a decade (I first heard of her on Mel Fabregas show about 5 years ago when Mel first started).

She spoke of the "Cabbala" and ETs as not extraterrestrials, but as humans, deviant ones (while not discounting extraterrestrials).

Most importantly, she drew attention to TI's (targeted individuals), those, who through no special fault or aptitudes of their own are targeted by psychotronic warfare experiments. The kind of experimentation that is denied in the open, yet has patents and military acceptance as "non-lethal weaponry". The kinds of technologies that can easily put images in your head that are accepted as true, hallucinations.

Yet, other energy technologies are called "quack" in the open — and when used in simple Royal Rife devices to treat sick patients, using frequencies, are ridiculed and taken off the market by governments.

Not just Rife equipment, but Lahkovsky, a host of Russian and European technologies (including Tesla, Mehran Keshe's efforts and back-yard inventors around the world) to beneficially help the human body and the human energetic system, are roadblocked and stifled when brought forward by ordinary people.

Just as the patents of many engineers and developers do not ever get to see the light of day, because once the new invention is filed in the Patent Office, the developer is hindered or visited and warned he cannot go further with his "dangerous" ideas. Even as, the same technologies, often modelled on very ancient technologies, are copied, stolen in principle, and re-engineered for dark motives and experiments in human population control.

Dr Rauni stated at the beginning of her talk and at the end humans are "not bodies, but minds". I am not a dualist, so this part of her speech did not sit with me because I see body and mind as one in essence, if it is understood.

At the same time her message, her final message, was that the Greatest Secret of All is the Human Being, and that by contacting the "Universal Energy" by using one's own energy to meet it, it will protect us, because every human is energy and vibration. It is a matter of focus and energy because the Universal Energy is stronger than even what the military has.

In the end, this is her last message before she died, very quickly, believing she was targeted, having been overtly multiple-times threatened. The unaware have to move through the stages of disrobing from mind-controlled conditioning, and the various poisons accruing through false knowledge, fragmented mentality, blaming others, what one takes in - through mouth, ears, eyes and senses - and to stop believing every craven sensationalist that pops up shouting loudest. For many, that process (of discrimination) is getting harder, because surveillance tightens, and the access to "all information" all the time, means the strongest memes are often the biggest lies.

When you go inward, back, Return to Origin, to the stillness within, meet the Primordial, make the Primordial Connection, in that moment, liberation begins and the return of empowerment. One or two is not sufficient. The entire movement towards Truth —the inward path (because the truth is not "out there - it is within"— our momentum and deepest desire.

Goodbye Dr Rauni Kilde, your struggle was whole-hearted and immense.

Dr. Rauni Leena Luukanen-Kilde on Mind Control | Veritas Radio

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