Joseph Rex Kerrick | Überterrestrials, Faust & European Rebirth | March 13, 2015

Source: Radio 3Fourteen,

March 13, 2015–Joseph Rex Kerrick is an American author born to a working-class family in 1946. He began studying eastern religions and the occult while in the army as a teenager and these pursuits blossomed in later years with involvement in various magical orders. His writing includes three novels, a paperback anthology and enough non-fiction online to fill a few more volumes.

These works focus on the concept of White enlightenment or a spiritual renaissance for our folk, a collective rebirth which will enable the White race to regain command of its own destiny. The conversation begins with Joseph explaining the birth of the White Order of Thule. He talks about the Übermensch, Gurdjieffs teachings of The Fourth Way, and the metaphysical idea of a parasitic force feeding on humanities energy.

We discuss the possible origins of the White race, White Gods, Nordic aliens, and the postmodern Annunaki myth. Kerrick explains the differences between Semitic gods and Thulean gods along with the true roots of Abrahamic religions. Further, we look at where material advances have led to a general departure from spirit, the manifestation of the Faust myth, and the contract with Mephistopheles that brought the Zionists into power.

We also consider the decline of yang and the importance of revitalizing the warrior spirit. Joseph shares his thoughts on how human civilization has degenerated and how we can regenerate the White racial soul. At the end, Joseph talks about experiencing the Supernal Spirit, the living presence of RamaSpirit, the Kin of Aries community, and the emerging collective consciousness that may be on the verge of separating from the matrix. -Radio 3Fourteen

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