Max Igan: "It's All About Economics And Political Manoeuvers, Humanity Is Bottom Of The Foodchain" | Richie Allen Show | April 21, 2015


Max Igan is a researcher, truth seeker, radio host, film-maker and one of the leaders of global awakening movement. This man is a must listen to for all those serious about stopping the NWO in its tracks. He lives in Queensland, Australia and at the time of June 2012 he was 54 years old.

Any and all work he has done on the internet he has done mainly for him, first and foremost.
On a more personal note, he has spent most of his life as a travelling musician and continued to do so up until about 7 years ago.

The most famous films of Max Igan (especially among those involved in truth movement) are The Awakening (2008), The Calling (2009) and Trance-Formation (2012).
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