Max Igan | The NWO is the same system RELOADED | SFI News | April 26, 2015


In this interview with StopFundingisrael, Max talks about the origins of his research, about his musical past and film making abilities.

Max speaks about the preparations in place to crash the worlds economies by the Federal Reserve banking scam, in order to implement chaos and disorder. Mass starvations, public riots, all for the purpose of implementing martial law and eventually setting in place the new system of absolute control of the world population by the economic monsters who created the problem in the first place.

Max talks about fracking and the ultimate threat to public security it poses, the false terror drills and hoaxes, the many false flag attacks worldwide including Sept 11, Sandy Hook, The Boston Bombings, The Port Arthur killings event in Tasmania in 1997 and even when he was working on the film set of Dark City.

Steve asks Max about his adventures traveling the world, about his free pdf book: Earths Forbidden Secrets containing many hints to ancient civilizations, hidden histories and out of place artifacts, and he also goes into the many documentaries he has made over the years. Max gets asked about the Lindt cafe shooting in Sydney, how it was a Police set up from the start, the Police drill at the same place a year earlier and how all the victims in the siege were shot by Police, not by the patsy hostage taker lunatic fake muslim stooge.

Max explains the September 10th 2015 deadline for the Federal Reserve debt to China and the impending financial crash thereafter.

An absolutely fascinating interview from start to finish. -SFI News
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