F. William Engdahl | Geopolitical Update: 2015 | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio

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F. William Engdahl is back to discuss the most important geopolitical aspects of 2015.

We discussed:
How Russia saved the world from a one-world dictatorship of bankers and their military
Russia's Remarkable Renaissance
The parallels of 1939's Poland and today's Ukraine (Germany / Russia)
Sanctions against Russia have boomeranged and have rallied the Russian people around Putin NATO's concerted effort to eradicate nation states
NATO is Russia's biggest threat and is trying to destroy it as a functioning state
All regime changes in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt were conducted to prevent a regional currency (gold dinar).
Ukraine is becoming a failed state (on purpose) so that it can be "rescued" by western banks.
China surpasses de United States GDP in 2014 (although it was projected to be in 2020)
China and Russia create a strategic relationship as a synergy to leverage China's economic and Russian military prowess.
U.S. defense contractors are heavily exporting and we will see more regional wars (proxies).
Trans Pacific Partnership (T.P.P.)
Real unemployment rate in the USA = 23%
Stock market unprecedented rise is due to Federal Reserve injecting cash into it.
Dollar strength is due to Federal Reserve indication that it will raise interest rates in the future. Monsanto's rise as a supra goverment and global power
The Rockefellers are aiming to destroy farmers worldwide
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