G. Edward Griffin | The Creature From Jekyll Island! | Anarchast Ep. 228 | July 15, 2015

Source: anarchast.com, G. Edward Griffin

Jeff interviews author and freedom activist, G. Edward Griffin, topics include: the 1% have all the weapons, power and force of society, concentration of power is the evil, the clan imperative, safety in the group, the only thing more dangerous than having guns (and/or power) is not having guns (and/or power), good people put into a bad system usually become bad people, voluntarism, the only moral use of coercion is the defense of life liberty and property, taxes have to be voluntary, contributing ideas and multiplying your message, the importance of a free internet, efforts of power to control the internet, Bitcoin intangible but sound and evolving, The Creature of Jekyll Island, the engine of inflation is the federal reserve system, inflation is a hidden tax, 7 years of research, the Greek situation, history repeating, currency creation and debasement, even the US dollar subject to inevitable reality, time to get prepared, time to get to work. -anarchast.com
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