From Trauma to Transformation : Kathy Collins' Story | Project Avalon


This video is about what is known as PROJECT MONARCH. Project Monarch is a mind control ('MK-ULTRA') program which is designed to create 'sex slaves'.

There have been more and more revelations about this in the mainstream media in recent years. The phenomenon is hard to face, or even think about, but is very real.

Satanic Ritual Abuse, for example, is a dreadful reality. It's almost impossible for normal, healthy people to understand how such a thing can be taking place in our modern world.

Several extremely brave women have come forward to tell the stories of what they experienced, endured, and survived. Two well-known names are Cathy O'Brien and Cisco Wheeler.

Here is one more. Her name is Kathy Collins. She tells the story not only of what was done to her... but of her path to healing, forgiveness, and transformation.

Kathy chooses not to go into the specifics of her horrific experiences. Not because she cannot face them herself — for she can — but because she primarily wants to share the story of her recovery.
Most of the video interview which follows presents Kathy sharing her experiences of healing and transformation. She feels this may be helpful to ANYONE who's experienced potentially life-ruining trauma of any kind.

Kathy's message: Our lives don't have to be ruined if we've experienced terrible events.
Kathy's journey is one not only of trauma and pain, but of inspiration and hope.
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