OffPlanet TV | Harald Kautz-Vella: Silent Assimilation: A.I. Black Goo, Control of the Human System


This is critical information – To best understand the subject matter, we recommend the Book "Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation"

In the book, "Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation" (with Cara St. Louis), Harald Kautz-Vella details the history of aerosoling (chemtrails) and geo-engineering, Morgellons, nano-particles, tran-humanism via self-assembling nano-machines.

Morgellons: a fungus infecting the human body, and later growing "fruiting bodies”, which appear as parasites. Fungi assimilate higher DNA, multiply, and form MORPOGENIC FIELD---light-based communications, bi-directional emissions (like crystals in a radio)---the Morgellons "antennae"…hexagonal crystals reproducing light patterns…stored patterns transmit via signals---encoding (NLP?) into "rage". Archontic programs!

Alzheimers and "old age" diseases; memory loss, flattening vibratory systems

QUANTUM DOTS: Bell Labs-1982-industrialized by MITRE CORP.…has "super user status" for MIND CONTROL
(go to their website:, notice it is a dot-org: MITRE were the FIRST organization to register a DOT-ORG domain on the WWW,-30 years ago.its earliest project was The Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) was a system of large computersand associated networking equipment that coordinated data from many radar sites and processed it to produce a single unified image of the airspace over a wide area.

Project Cloverleaf - Chemtrails and their Purpose and the testimonies of mechanics who discovered strange electronic/mechanical devices in COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT received by Clifford Carnicom.
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