The Lost Age of Mankind | A conversation with Michael Cremo


A conversation with Michael Cremo where he speaks about Forbidden Archaeology, The Hidden History of the Human Race, what period has most anomalous finds, the obstacles of anomalious discoveries, the 6 major extinction events,

Tom Van Flandern, the exploded planet hypothesis, the puranas, when the earth was filled with vegetation, the sages litting the earth on fire, the need for interdisciplinary science, the major cyces of time, Brahmans night & days, the contracting & expanding universe,

Earth devastations following manvatars, we're in the 7th manvatar, the multiverses, Lucy - ape of human?, humans & apes coexisting, the hobbit, genetic dating of dna, neanderthal merged with sapiens, neanderthal and sapiens are same species,

everybody have neanderthal dna, theosophic evolution theory, Madama Blavatsky debating anthropology in Secret Doctrine, people still looking like neanderthals, what's the weirdest evidence, mysterious metallic circles in South-Africa 2 billions of years old, the strange powers of these objects, white witch stealing the object from museum,

ancient aliens, the Ancient Astronaut hypothesis vs Ancient Civilization hypothesis, evidence for giants, elongated skulls, horned skulls, starchild skull, anomaly hoaxes, largest living man, innumerable human species throughout the galaxy, where are scientists more open, scientists concerned about career, dragons & dinosaurs, cryptozoology, surviving dinosaurs, sapiens contemporary with dinosaurs, new cases of Forbidden Archaeology,

Cremos articles in Atlantis Rising, does cases expire, poor arguments from "debunkers", where are the traces of former civilizations?, how long would traces of our civilization last?, how long before everything dissolves and nature takes over?, Mytologifestivalen at Kvinherad of Hardanger in Norway, Cremos power point presentation on 31st of july, Fjords and Nature Park, Norwegian dialects and other obscurities...
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