Tim Swartz | Factions of Breakaway Civilizations | Part 1-2

Source: forumborealis.net, conspiracyjournal.com

Part 1:
What's the modern roots of the Breakaway Civilization? When did the first experiments with space crafts and anti gravity start? Whence did the ideas stem? Was Tesla really involved in launching a spaceship to Mars in 1908 (!)...? Tim Swartz joins the forum and relates some lesser known info regarding all of this, which points to the germ of different factions. ... and we learn about his childhood experience that opened him up to the world of the weird.

Part 2:
When did the classified space fleet attain field propulsion? Who's really in charge behind the scenes? What factions exists within our planetary power circles? Who and what are "The Others"? Journalist Tim Swartz continues his briefing on these obscure matters and ties the recent past up to the present. ... and we learn about "Alternative 4" - that's right, not three, but four!

Covert History, The Deep State, Cartel Corporatism, The Black Economy, The Nazi International, The Globalist Oligarchs, The Intelligence Agencies, The Breakaway Civilization, The Multinational Banksters, The Classified Space Program, Anti-Gravity, Fringe Science, Cultural Assets, Health Solutions, Innovative Projects, Frontline Dissidents, Planetary Mysteries, Esoteric Philosophy, Human Relationships, Zero Point Free Energy, The Crisis of Academia, The Antediluvian Civilization, The Nature of Consciousness
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