Crystal Clark on «Guy Next Door Speaks» with Ivan from Phoenix | Dec. 11, 2015


Sources & Realated News Stories:

Article: The Roles of Perception Management & Social Engineering in Reality Revisionism
Article: Unsustainable Reality Revisions & The Order-Out-Of-Chaos Birth
Article: The Winners Write Reality
Article: Microbes & Machiavellian Mindsets
Article: Nagalese molecule injected into humans via vaccines
Video: Nagalese and the real reason Holistic Doctors are being killed and vanishing
Article: HuffPo Academic Invites Civil War with American Gun Owners
Article: Craft Intl Mercenaries Carried Out San Bernadino Shooting
Article: David Cameron branded a lot of people ‘terrorist sympathisers’ and they’re not happy about it
Article: We’re All Terrorists Now Article: Homeland Security Classifies Returning US Veterans as Potential Terrorist Threat
Article: US Senate Passes Bill Approving Mandatory Vaccinations For Veterans
Article: 60 Lab Studies Now Confirm Cancer Link to a Vaccine You Probably Had as a Child
Article: Proposal to temporarily sterilise all NZ teenage females should raise serious red flags Website: Numerous links to information on vaccines causing infertility
Article: Bill Gates’ Temporary Sterilization Microchip In Beta Female Testing By End Of Year Article: Councillors agree to close 16 Fife libraries Article: Google’s Plan for out-of-print books is challenged
Article: Murdoch’s Fox buys National Geographic media unit
Documentary: National Geographic: The Psychopath Next Door
Video: Astroturf—The phony grass-roots movement
Video: Naomi Wolf: HR 5736 Legalizes Propagandizing American Public
Documentary on Planned Obsolescence: The Light Bulb Conspiracy
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