Masonic Roundtable | Symbols, Numerology, Esoteric, Politics, Baphomet, Spiritual Philosophy | Jan. 11, 2016


Description: I interviewed The Masonic Roundtable on a variety of topics and I must say, these guys are some of the most respectful and knowledgeable people I've had the opportunity to speak with. One thing I appreciated was the different opinions and ideals they all brought to the table.

Here is a list of guests:
Jason Richards
Senior Warden, Acacia Lodge No. 16
Royal Arch Mason, Allied Masonic Degrees

Jon Ruark
Past Master, The Patriot Lodge No. 1957
32 degree Scottish Rite (Southern), Knight Templar

Juan Sepulveda
Juan Sepúlveda is the host of The Winding Stairs Freemasonry Podcast

Robert Johnson
Past Master, Waukegan Lodge No. 78
32 degree Scottish Rite (Northern), Knight Templar

Nick Johnson (no relation)
Past Master, Corinthian Lodge No. 67
Knight Templar, Royal Order of Scotland, and too many other Masonic rites to name/count
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