DARPA’s Modern Warfare & The War On For Our Minds | The Kev Baker Show | March 17, 2016

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NanoGirl is back on the show and this week we dive back into the world of technology and to start with we look at DARPA and their SQUAD X future soldiers and how it ties into the AI beast. They are also asking for you to weaponize your microwave, and if you don’t believe us, tune in and find out why!

DARPA reports…

Squad X Program Envisions Dismounted Infantry Squads of the Future
Wed, 03/16/2016 – 1:49pm by DARPA 

Modern military engagements increasingly take place in complex and uncertain battlefield conditions where attacks can come from multiple directions at once, and in the electromagnetic spectrum and cyber domains as well. U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps dismounted infantry squads, however, have been unable to take full advantage of some highly effective multi-domain defensive and offensive capabilities that vehicle-assigned forces currently enjoy—in large part because many of the relevant technologies are too heavy and cumbersome for individual Soldiers and Marines to carry or too difficult to use under demanding field conditions.

To help overcome these challenges and help ensure U.S. squad dominance over adversaries in the decades to come, DARPA has launched the Squad X Experimentation (Squad X) program. Squad X seeks to design, develop and validate system prototypes for combined-arms squads. The program intends to lay the foundation for breakthrough technologies and capabilities that would:

- Improve shared situational understanding of the multi-domain operational environment: physical, electromagnetic and cyber

- Increase the time and space in which squads can maneuver through optimized use of physical, cognitive and material resources

- Shape and dominate the battlespace through synchronization of fire and maneuvering in all three domains

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