Dr. Laurie Nadel | Technology's DARK Side and the Human Dilemma | Aug. 24, 2016

Source: higherjourneys.com, laurienadel.com

Alexis speaks with counseling psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Laurie Nadel about some of the alarming trends cropping up with the excessive use of technology, including how social media interactions have nearly destroyed the lives of many individuals.

We discuss how humanity has largely been reduced to a digital lifestyle, while willingly forfeiting their ability to have authentic human-to-human relationships, how the advent of "phone sex" has now morphed into an activity called "sexting," and how these trends are also damaging authentic human sexuality. ...Much more is discussed in this provocative and candid discussion! This is an IMPORTANT subject that ALL users of technology need to hear! -higherjourneys.com
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